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15 Effective Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

OMG I can not believe it - I have  20k Instagram followers !!! MANY THANKS for so much interest and support! It may sound crazy to some. After all, 20k is 'just' a number, but for me it's far more! After all, without you, I would not enjoy blogging for a long time and of course not on  Instagram ! Your dear messages reinforce me every day by what I do! Therefore, it is high time today to give back a trifle. In this post I would like to share some helpful tips that have enabled me to get so many Instagram followers and crack the 20k mark!

15 tips for more Instagram followers

Before I start, I'd like to share a little bit about my career on Instagram. I started about 2 years ago and did not know how to deal with this app till a year ago. I posted a picture here and there every sacred time, but that's about it. To get straight to the point, if you want to grow on Instagram then you have to do something for it! And I do not mean to pull the purse! Anyone can do that and, in my opinion, is against the rules of the game. You do not only lie to yourself, but also to everyone else. It's also so easy to get more Instagram followers if you follow these tips:

1. What do you want to show on your Instagram account?

Fashion, Food, Travel or Beauty? A combination is certainly possible, but you should have a common thread! Often I see Instagram accounts that post so much that I look through even more. This irritates the audience, so they are less likely to click on "Follow". If someone has a fashion account, then you want to see that too! After all, such accounts are followed by people who are also interested in fashion. There are few people who are enthusiastic about EVERYTHING. Whereby we would be here at the next point ..

2. Who do you want to inspire?

You know exactly which "track" you want to drive for your Instagram account. Now you have to think about who you want to address. Women, men - young, old? Believe me, every target group has to be addressed individually. If your Instagram account is just a hobby, it may not be that interesting, but for businesses, I consider it essential to get more free Instagram followers!

3. Post regularly

That was my biggest weakness at the beginning. Not even the week to post a picture. My rule of thumb is: ONE IMAGE PER DAY !! On Instagram, there are so many beautiful accounts that you go down extremely fast if you do not "sign up" at least once a day. If you even manage to post two or three pictures a day, then so much the better. Often I see as unnecessary and maybe even as 'annoying'. After all, no one wants to be spammed to exaggerate.

4. Quality before quality

This point is especially important to me. Therefore (and for reasons of time) I upload only one picture daily. A blurry mobile phone image - sorry, unfortunately, does not work! Fortunately, the new smartphones make beautiful pictures, but I still find pictures from the camera a tick better. I think you just have to find a healthy mix here. As long as the quality between mobile phone and camera is not like day and night, both are possible in combination!

5. Bright pictures

It has been statistically proven that bright pictures with a high proportion of white and less saturated colors are best on Instagram, making it easier to get Instagram followers. Of course, I have tested this and have to admit that it helped a lot in the beginning. In the meantime, I have honestly left something of this 'white fanaticism'. Somehow it's boring when everyone does the same thing. In addition, I also know accounts that have a lot of Instagram followers with colorful strong colors. What I noticed however with each big account that the pictures are high-quality.

6. Unified feed

If you click on an unknown Instagram account that has a unified feed, that's much nicer than when everything is criss-crossed. The pictures just have to fit together! To make this point easier for you, I can only warmly recommend the VSCO app to you ! If you want to know how I use this app and what my favorite filters are, check out my post about photo editing apps for the iPhone !

7. Let yourself be inspired

Follow accounts you like. Ask yourself why you like her pictures and let yourself be inspired. But beware: Inspiring does not mean imitation. At first it helped a lot to look at other accounts, which is well received and what less. It also taught me which perspectives and motifs to photograph beautifully.

8. Be authentic!

To pick up on the previous tip again - do not copy anyone, but be yourself. This does not always include 'staged' camera pictures to shoot, but also a snapshot with your phone. You'll see that you get more Instagram followers if you stay true to yourself!

9. These pictures are best on Instagram

I have already shared so many pictures on Instagram, but best of all selfies, mirror images and #fromwhereistand pictures arrive . These are exactly the pictures that I shoot not with my camera but with my mobile phone. But here I have to say that these pictures are well received by me as a fashion blogger. Travelbloggern (I know of my friend ^ ^) sunset pictures are much sought after. And so each division has different images, which are especially liked by Instagram followers.

10. Like, Comment & Follow

Instagram is actually easy knitted. You can like, comment and follow to get your attention. But what I do not think is to follow people, to follow them after 3 minutes. Something annoys and you do not make friends or Instagram followers.

11. Build a network

Apropo friends: Instagram is a social media platform where different people should interact with each other. If I like accounts (big or small), I comment below their pictures. Sometimes it has even happened that you have met in 'real life' and wonderful friendships have emerged. So the app not only uses to get followers, but also to get to know loved ones

12. Use hashtags

Granted since the algorithm, the hashtags are not what they used to be, yet they still make up a decent share! It is important that you set 30 hashtags that are popular and liked by other people. My 'standard hashtags' are eg #fashionblogger #modeblogger # munich. In addition, I still like to use the season #summer and the day #sunday #weekend. After Instagram is an international platform, English hashtags are the best thing to do. Nevertheless, I usually use a mixture of German and English, to specifically target German people.

13. Timing

Not only the pictures are important, but also the time when you upload the pictures! For me it works best in the morning between 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock and in the evening between 19 o'clock and 21 o'clock. In the evening even more goes off than in the morning. At this time, probably many of the work, etc. and scrolling at home or on the go through the Instagram feed.

14. Use tags

We fashion bloggers anyway tag all brands that we carry in the picture. In addition, there are also sites such as @ootdsubmit that you can postpone to possibly be featured by these big accounts. Honestly, this has never been the case with me, but I still try my luck. Finally, I have seen positive examples that have been featured and have won an incredible number of Instagram followers.

15. Share your Instagram account

And on your other social media channels. Maybe then come from Facebook, Twitter & Co. people to you who would not have found you on Instagram.


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