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4 Ways To Take The Best Possible Care Of Your Lawn In The Monsoon

The first vernal shower feels great until monsoon advents with relentless pitter patter making it almost impossible to mow your coveted lawn. Often short spells to heavy incessant rainfall act as trespassers to stealthily enter your lawn and make things disruptive. However, you cannot compromise with the health of your lawn at the same time. Mowing must not stop but should adopt certain clever tricks instead.

Here are the four most important aspects of mowing that you must keep in your mind to take the right care of your lawn during the monsoon.

  • Monsoon demands frequent mowing. This is because with heavier rainfall the growth rate of grass shows a steep hike. The rapidity of the turf growth makes mowing indispensable. Do not mow it on your own if you lack the proper knowledge about the time, way and frequency of the procedure that is to be carried out. Instead, get hold of a professional. They are the best to make the schedule planning and preparing for the frequent services that are needed. Even in monsoon worry not, for your yard will be in its perfect shape.
  • Avoid trampling over the turf. Tender remains the soil, weaker the tiny blades of grasses near the root. As you step on them, they may get damaged from the roots. Thus be gentle and be alert. Make it sure that you don't squeeze them beneath your heels and boots.
  • Fertilize the lawn before it rains. Keep in mind that the fertilizer would work best when the roots would have an access to it. Once the nutrient seeps within the soil crust to reach the roots, optimum effect of fertilization would be ensured. Rain helps in this. It helps in getting the fertilizers reach the root system of the plants. Thus always fertilize your lawn a little before it rains. In case the water cycle doesn't cooperate, make sure you use sprinklers post fertilization.
  • Know the right time for mowing. Get your lawn mowed either when its arid or a couple to few days after it has rained. Mowing is best done when the lawn is dry for it is only at that time the right height of the turf can be maintained with and mowing would be more precise.

Keep these points in mind to give your lawn the right service during the monsoon. A professional would do it best. You can hire some, highly skilled landscapers in Scottsdale from Mast Lawn Care. They would ensure you the best possible maintenance service for your lawn.


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