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5 Major Painting Problems That A Painting Contractor Can Solve

Painting is not an easy job. You need a lot of practice while painting the walls to get smooth and effective results. To keep up the painting job look fresh for a longer period, it requires regular maintenance along with a good preparation before the applying for the painting job. No painting job can go as smooth as you wish it to be. There will be some troubles that you need to tackle smartly to avoid painting mistakes. You do not need to worry as the professionals are expert in handling 7 common painting mistakes that are demonstrated below along with their solutions.
Problem: One of the very obvious signs of aging paint is the appearance of yellow paints. Places such as kitchen, inside the closets, the area behind the wall hangings and more that are not exposed to direct sunlight probably have such problems. 
Solution: This problem can be resolved by applying top-quality, non-yellowing acrylic paints and varnish. Avoid using alkyd paints in the area with low light availability. 
Bubbling Of Paint 
Problem: You may have seen bubbles on your wall under the paint film. The reason behind them is trapped water that dries quickly leaving a hollow space or the trapped water expands the paint film. This happens because of direct sunlight, heavy dew, rainfall or very high humidity.
Solution: To avoid this condition, it is better to avoid painting under extreme weather conditions, hot summer sun and heavy rainfall. However, if you are already suffered from this problem, you have to scratch from the start. 
Chalking of the Paint
Problems: When you have a fine chalky powder on the surface of your paint, that is chalking. For this, you have to be very precise as excessive chalking is not good for painting. The problem usually occurs in cheap paints that contain a high level of pigment extenders. The reason is you or the professionals you hired for window painting in Great Neck NY have not properly sealed a porous surface properly.
Solution: A little preparation before starting a painting job can prevent chalking. If its already done, remove it completely, resin it with water, give time to dry and apply high-quality latex paint. 
Cracks in the walls
Problem: This happens when you apply a thick amount of paint to cover up the porous surface. 
Solution: The solution to this problem is easy. Remove the affected coating by scraping and sanding, apply primer as a base and repaint the wall. Use a good quality paint that stays on the wall for a longer period. 
A fungus can grow on the paint film or chalk. An area which is subject to a low maintenance and poor ventilation a likely to grow mildew.
Solution: If the symptom is clear that the mildew in the occurring, use household bleach to scrub it away. Clean the area with a clear water and use detergent to get rid of the mildew. Use a good quality acrylic paint will help you to protect against mildew. 


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