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5 Things To Be Done After Hair Transplant in Mumbai

It is important to take some precautions after the surgery as these actions would influence your final result. Take proper rest and avoid any dust areas that might cause you infections near the transplanted area


After the hair transplantation surgery, there are some key points to remember to avoid any kind of inconvenience. As soon as the procedure ends, go home and take proper rest is a must and for some time it is recommended to minimize the activities for a couple of days. It might already have chosen the best surgeon for you or you might want to find the right surgeon for your hair transplantation in Mumbai.

It is advised to take some precautions for some time for an early recovery procedure. Swelling is the main issue after the surgery, therefore, the patient should be sleeping with his head elevated at an angle of 45 degrees at least for three consecutive nights. Also apply ice to your forehead every 2 hours to avoid swelling. Keep some precautions for about a week for eating any ice cream or aspirin or alcoholic drinks.

Feeling some pain after the procedure is common, thus, it is advised to take pain killers which are prescribed by your physician for the first two nights. This will soothe the pain and control it. Swelling is the next issue you might face which usually occurs after the second day of the hair transplantation. Even swollenness is observed in the eyelids. This phase is considered transient and no permanent issues will occur. Do sleep at a high elevated pillow to avoid such issues and continue to sleep in such a way for at least three nights.

It is essential to avoid all kinds of dirt places for two weeks as a precaution from any kind of infection. Do not place your hand on donor site or touch planted follicles, this way the chances of getting an infected increase. It should be reported immediately, if any kind of pain, redness or swelling over the transplanted area is seen. Covering your head for a week is a good idea to avoid any bacterial infections.

It is absolutely recommended to avoid hard work or heavy exercising for at least a week after the surgery. Do not carry heavy weights or try weight lifting for a couple of weeks. Generally, people do consider taking breaks from the daily routine for a couple of days or even more to avoid any blistering or swollenness.

The first hair wash after the procedure is to be done on the third day with gentle hands, try not to pour water directly to the area or apply any pressure to the planted follicles. Use glass or small jar to wash the location of the transplanted area. You can touch the roots of the planted follicles only after the second or third day with gentle tips of the fingers while bathing. Avoid plucking any transplanted roots while combing the hair, do it gently and with great care. Avoid using hair dryers for a couple of weeks. It is recommended to use dye only after the flakes around the planted roots have fallen apart, the same applies to cut and curl. Flakes or peeling will mostly start over 7 to 10 days of period or use Bepantol to soften the flakes.

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