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Basic ideas about web analytics to measure well:

Web analytics has become an essential tool and works for everyone with an online presence. And for this Best web analytics company plays an important role.

Such is its importance that many have launched to create a website only for the extraction of data and obtaining information regarding its users and target audience.

It is an increasingly common strategy that, of course, you cannot ignore. Information and data are king and queen of the new digital age.

Basic ideas about web analytics to measure well:

1. Web analytics tools:

The main web analysis tool is provided by Google Google Analytics. But you should not lose sight of the fact that there are more web Orange County web analytics tools such as Alexa or Open Web Analytics.

2. Do not stay on the surface:

The data with no one to interpret it is only data and is useless. Do not stay alone with the number of visits your website receives, go further. 

You must interpret the data, try to find out why this or that happens, and very important: Compare periods, sections, contents, products, what works best and what doesn't, etc.

3. What data to look at in web analytics?

Here we recommend some information that you should look at, although the list is much larger.

Data related to the attraction of visits:

Where quality traffic comes from?

- From what devices the contents of our website are consumed?

- If some type of campaign is underway, such as search engine advertising, recognize which one is working and which is not, for example, according to keywords. How much it costs us to acquire a visit, etc.

- What contents are the most consumed, in the case of being an online store which are the most visited products, etc?

- Bounce Rate: How many users arrive and leave, and why this may be happening.

- Data relating to the conversion of prospects.

 Be constant, look again:

Web analysis is not something you do once and do not worry again. It must be a constant task. Put on pending tasks web analytics, either monthly or quarterly, as you prefer, but do it.

You must constantly analyze what is happening on your website, reflect on the data you have obtained and finally make decisions. To get the analysis done, you will need Top web analytics company Orange County. In addition, the analysis becomes even more valuable over time. Remember, information is power and the more you have, the more things you can do, discover and modify.

If you are interested in web analytics on your website, do not hesitate to contact the best web analytics agency.



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