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Best Job Courses after graduation course |100% Job Guarantee

Present times with all the technological advancements call for work skills that weren't there before. Especially the growth in the IT sector has created an enormous opening for various jobs. Now to meet such demands, a steady stream of skilled workforce is all that is required.


Institutes of Excellence


To address this issue of workforce demands, an institute like CIIT Noida has come to the fore. We are a result of the involvement of professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Their common aim or vision is to make candidates ready for a field like IT industry from day one. After graduation courses such as, enrolling in new-age training institutes are going up the popularity charts. 


Putting it Together 


The strength and essence of training institute offering  after graduation skill development courses  lies in its teaching staff. The faculties form a team and work day in and out to see the high standards that are set achieves fulfillment. Normally while undergoing a  course after graduation , candidates lose their interest midway through the course.

We fully believe, the only way of making the  courses after graduation to be a hit amongst students, is through the introduction of the right study environment. The environment at CIITNoida ensures the inner talent and intelligence of the students get the proper nourishment. 


See for Yourself


It is worth experiencing what we offer by stepping into our premises. The interiors of the institute give that assurance of being at just the right spot to hone those technical skills. The students themselves experience various sustainable growth opportunities while at the same time gain exposure to the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

It is thus a very rewarding and uplifting study course for the students as at the end of it, students are known to bag high salary package jobs.


In a Nutshell

 Let's get things straight in a nutshell. A decent  job after graduation  is a universal demand from students and their families. But often owing to be less skill-oriented and having lesser knowledge in technical fields, getting a job becomes a major hurdle for a student. 

So we comes into play and offers:   

  • Development of a specific set of skills following industry demands
  • Getting to implement acquired skills in real-time project development.
  • Being competitive enough with preparation modules for various interviews
  • Finally getting placed with sound technical knowledge.


Training Programs for Jobs



The training programs are solely aimed at making the students' job-ready. A quick look at a popular job oriented training courses offering jobs after graduation:


  •       Linux Admin + Shell Developer with 4-6 months of duration and project Internship.
  •       Java Full Stack Developer with 4-6 months duration and Project Internship.
  •       Oracle Database Developer with 4-6 months duration and Project Internship.


We offer job oriented courses on various computer programming languages, and more so, all the program packages have proper IT certifications.


It can be simply said, for a student, enrolling at CIITNoida can be the best course after graduation  gets over. Every kind of assistance is in place for the students while they go on with their respective courses.


The Work Speaks


The success story of CIITNoida speaks volumes on its nature of work. Several students of some of these best courses after graduation from CIITNoida has earned their placement in reputed companies apart from earning a good salary package. Needless to say, industries are benefiting a lot with such a steady supply of qualified and trained individuals.


If you really want to reap the benefits of enrolling in CIITNoida, then this is the time. CIITNoida offers 100% Job Assurance with up to 5.4 LPA. Till Date CIITNoida has a 93% placement ratio and 7.4LPA being the highest package. There is also the option of Demo classes. Visit CIITNoida's website and enroll for the demo classes right away.




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