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Best restaurant to enjoy Andhra style Biryani in bangalore

Yeah, yeah! We are well aware of Hyderabadi biryani and how no one else can do it like them. But how about letting Hyderabad chicken biryani joints breathe for a bit since Bangalore is taking the baton for the moment? One of the best Bangalore joints to order biryani online is Nandhana Palace. 

We are not only into serving different varieties of biryani from varied cultures but, we have also found the method way of doing them perfectly in our own way. If a borderline-suicidal, gluttonous binge-craving is what you are experiencing at the moment because of your biryani fetish, come to us because we are the chosen mother of all Andhra style biryani in Bangalore lists.


Get Your Taste of Authentic Andhra Biryani

Biryani is every individual’s go-to dish. Biryani is to Hyderabad what taco is to Mexico and Pizza is to Italy. Undoubtedly, Nandhana Palace, with its innumerable biryani presentations and true representations of the authentic flavor of Nellore chicken biryani, is the best place to have your dose of this evergreen and classic dish. 

We are into serving authentic quality biryani rice, vegetable biryani and supreme boneless chicken biryani. We are famous for our mutton and chicken Andhra biryani in Bangalore. People flock to our place throughout the week for trying out the different varieties of biryanis.


Enjoy Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani in Bangalore

Hyderabadi chicken biryani is one of the most loved dishes in India. This dish was introduced by the Mughals and till date it is one of the most devoured dishes by every individual. Hyderabadi chicken biryani available at Nandhana Palace is indisputably delicious. With us, you can remain assured of getting the best version of this relishing preparation from Hyderabad. Made using aromatic ground spices, meat and vegetables, this is a crowd stunner. Our style of cooking this delicious and classic dish is a bit different from the others and therefore you must definitely pay us a visit.

Why Nandhana Palace?

Looking to order Andhra biryani in Bangalore? There is no looking further for you when we at Nandhana Palace at always at your disposal. Residents and visitors in the city of Bangalore are very well served by us. We are one of the most convenient online biryani order destinations in Bangalore showing off superb quality across the dynamic city. Our home delivery biryani facility is what we are specifically known for. After all, this rice-base creation is healthy, versatile and always delicious!

So, the next time you wonder how to order biryani near me when in Bangalore, simply contact our joint and we will instantly be there for you serving your order.



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Nandhana Palace in Bangalore presents amazing Andhra cuisine by complementing the flavors and traditions of Andhra with global ingredients and procedures. We are the celebrated Andhra Style Restaurant in Bangalore renowned for our dedicated service to our dearest customers. Our professional chefs are placing authentic spicy taste across the garden city, Bangalore. Nandhana restaurant serves spicy Andhra food at affordable prices without compromising on the taste and hygiene. Every dish here is made with fresh ingredients which gives a supreme treat for your taste buds. We greet you with the enormous list of appetizing Andhra food menu prepared enthusiastically by our expert chefs. We serve wide varieties of Andhra style of both Vegetarian and Non - vegetarian food. Nandhana restaurant is established with a zeal to supply everyone the authentic scrumptious Andhra style food in Bangalore. Stretched our wings in 14 top locations of Bangalore. We provide the fastest Food Home Delivery where our customers can enjoy eating hot food served on plates. Place an order at us to experience the best Andhra food ever. Nandhana restaurant bring to you a variety of delicious veg and non veg dishes that you must eat at least once in your lifetime. Enjoy the original flavors of South Indian cuisine at Nandhana palace Restaurant.

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