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Best time to Study, morning or night?


Right time of the day to study has been a topic under scrutiny from many educational enthusiasts since decades. However, the fundamental factor on which we can decide the right time of the day for studies relies on our natural biological clock that our brain and the whole body sets. With this in mind, we have to listen to your body and mind rather than arguing against it. There is always a cycle through which our whole system works, no matter how many books you refer, how hard you try things and how many times you revise topic by keeping the curriculum and references in front. The most important thing we have been observing through the years is that, decision about study in the morning or at night influences our learning outcome. Though both of them have advantages and benefits of its own, teachers and parents preferred their kids to wake up early in the morning and start their studies. Let’s look at how different timings of the day affect the quality of learning.



Advantages of morning studies


It is quite unusual to say that we are fresh, energetic, charged as our body systems are completely rejuvenated. After a long- night`s sleep, most of our body organs are willing to take the stuff in, especially our brain. It is very clear that our body is cool, blood and cardiovascular systems are stable, body is free of aches which won’t trouble even when we sit for hours. In Hindu mythology, waking up in Brahmi Muhurtha’ ( 30 minutes before sunrise)  is believed to be  auspicious and anything we do is by will and wish instead of by force. It is concluded that spending 30 minutes in the morning with books is almost equals to 2 hours in the noon and 3 hours in the evening, hence students can save a lot of time. It is advisable to wash face, brush teeth and have a glass of water before moving onto the study table.


Disadvantage of study in the morning

Though it is a great idea to study in the morning, non-refreshed sleep, or short-night sleep can really annoying as our body and mind fails to cope to concentrate. When the brain is still in the recovery phase, it is advisable not to study. Consequently, forcing to get up and moving on for the sake of studying may make one groggy the whole day. As the morning progresses, the routine works such as bathing and breakfast may become hurdles for some. Adding to this, a student may neither have friends nor the teachers to discuss or share the doubts early in the morning. Some kids lack motivation while studying alone which is not the case throughout the day while he in class.


Benefits of studying in the night

Though a student needs to carry out all his homework’s in the night, it carried more drawbacks when compared to the morning.  In the evenings and nights, most of our body systems are down, dehydrated and sometimes our stomach must be starving due to the exhaustion through the day. However, if as student can manage these issues, while not falling a pray to video games or TV, then this the evenings and bights could still be good. For some children, calmness, silence and the darkness of the night brings clarity in their minds. Adding to this, there is some sense of responsibility in the evenings and night because of the homework that needs to be submitted very next day.



Disadvantages of studying in the night

The most obvious factors that hinders the night’s study are  the distraction from mobiles, siblings, parents, TV and Video games. At this time , heart beats faster, body cells have lost their energy, brains are fired, muscles do not cope up and most of the sense organs work slow and jittery.





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