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Exposure to radiations, stimulants, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, cellular radiations (Wi-Fi) etc., can change endocrine flow. Odd night semen outbursts without stimulation and excess release of sperm in night, with rapid eye movement and intense brain activities can lead to emissions without realization, and this can happen with or without erection.

Uncontrolled release is unhealthy and can happen due to poor muscular control over outflow. Testosterone imbalance and delayed response to stimulation are other causes for such emissions. Infections and poor metabolism lead to autoimmune conditions where gluten overabundance can contribute to candida overgrowth in the digestive tract causing infectious outburst on skin, over time that causes autoimmune disorders and weakness of muscular tissues. Taking natural remedies for frequent nocturnal emission restores gut function as certain herbs kill candida in a safe manner without disrupting the composition of body tissues.

People with candida infection crave for junk, alcohol and drugs, at the same time, drugs (and certain medicines) can damage the digestive system and eliminate healthy gut lining and microbes layers found inside the intestinal tract - leading to poor absorption of nutrients in digestive tract. Toxic chemicals are produced by bacterial infections and this can spread to various parts of the body and provoke immune reactions.

Deficiencies of minerals can cause weakness of muscular tissues. For example - without vitamin B 12 (found in every cell of the body and necessary for cellular functions and energy production) thyroid glands may not function properly and the body fails to get Vitamin B 12 if the digestive tract is not working properly. Melatonin - the body chemicals is related to body’s circadian rhythm which can be disrupted by lights, cell phones, computers , TV signals as it is related to pineal gland, which activates in darkness.

The gland function declines with age and herbs can help to restore the levels of such bodily chemicals and prevent decline of endocrines with age. Withania Somnifera - one of the key - natural remedies for frequent nocturnal emission helps in preventing nerve exhaustion. It is found in NF Cure capsules and Vital M-40 capsules as it can eliminate the effect of chemicals, physical and biological stressors and provide protection to body tissues from chemotherapy.

It restores immunity damaged due to exposure to drugs and radiations. It has anti inflammatory effects (protects brain tissues from inflammation) and studies claim it is one of the most powerful herbs which can cure neuropharmacological immune disorders, cardiovascular disorders, infections and gastric conditions.

Withania Somnifera is one of the herbs in the natural remedies for frequent nocturnal emission NF Cure capsules and Vital M-40 capsules, which prevents nerve cell degeneration and reduces oxidative stress to alter gene expression and improve energy production by body cells. It is helpful in adrenal insufficiency conditions (as per study conducted by researchers at Brooklyn’s Woodhull Medical Center).It stimulates the immune and reduces cell adhesion molecule in blood vessels.

As per study, sleep quality and emotional health of people improved by 42 percent on taking regulated dose of Withania, which also improved blood count and endurance in healthy men. Such natural remedies for frequent nocturnal emission improve motor functions – concentration and focusing power in men.

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