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Buy the right cat scratcher

People love cats and they adore the furry presence in their homes. However, they don’t like when they scratch the couch and destroy furniture. One way to avoid such stressful situations is to invest in a cat scratcher. There are many designs available and it can be frustrating to find the ideal one. On the other hand, if you own a dog, you can invest in quality dog clippers to avoid serious injuries.

Perhaps you have already purchased a cat scratcher, but your furry friend does not like it and stays away from it. People tend to purchase products that they like and don’t think about their pets, if they will be appealing for them. If you know some important aspects, you will end up saving time, money and your couch. Tall scratching posts are highly recommended, so that cats can fully extend in order to reach and scratch it. They have to stretch their muscles and avoid being uncomfortable. More than that, posts should be sturdy and they not wobble. Think about the couch and the chairs, how stable they are. This is one of the reasons why cats like them to begin with.

There is a wide range of materials available and many of them seem highly attractive for owners, but they have to be practical for cats. Materials that shred are preferable, as kitties like to mark their territories and if posts produce sound while being used, then even better. Sisal rope and fabric are highly popular choices, being highly durable and provides a nice feel for your pet. The choice between fabric and rope depends on your kitty as well, although most of them tend to like the fabric more. They can place their claws better and draw them down, while having a good grip on the material. Posts are not only vertical, but horizontal as well, because cats stretch in both directions.

Ideally, you should incorporate both types and find a post that enables felines to stretch their muscles in all positions. If there are different textures, cats will experience something different and they will like the post more than anything in the house. It is the best way to keep them occupied and away from other objects. It is not enough to have a pet around the house, you need to provide proper entertainment and make sure they will be happy and active throughout the day. If you can’t take the cat for a walk and play outside, at least provide posts and toys and spend quality time together indoor.
Pets in general require care and attention and require plenty supplies to maintain their health and welfare. Luckily, pet shops are well stocked and they have products from all manufacturers, so you can choose what suits your companion the best. Even when it comes to grooming them, some prefer to take them to salons, while others purchase dog clippers and solve the issue on their own.

If you have decided to buy a cat scratcher, find some of the best options right here. Do you want to trim your dog’s claws? These dog clippers will make the experience bearable.


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