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Change Your Life with Midweek Bible Study

When in trouble, who do you ask for suggestions? When lost, who do you ask for directions? It’s Him and no other. Bible has all the answers to your problems and sorrows, answers for every question that you have in your mind. Bible is the word of Jesus himself and hence you should study it whenever you want and whenever you feel lost. All your questions will be answered. That is the reason why we have the Bible with us.

Listen to Him, He is speaking

If you feel betrayed, if you feel lost, if you seek for answers, then come for Bible study. “God has spoken” is a phrase that is always spoken in the present tense. It is because the Bible is our present and God is always there with us. He never leaves us. He has answers for everything and He is answering through the Bible. Just listen to Him and study the Bible.

The Bible is the truth

When you take part in Midweek Bible study, you will understand how truthful Bible is. Everything that happens happens for a reason. Christianity is a community and when we go for Bible study we receive His true words, we understand the instructions given on the Bible. It shapes our heart and mind and encourages us to fulfil everything that He wants us to achieve. The Bible teaches us about life, encourages us to correct our path and trains us for righteousness.

Bible challenges us to take better aim

When you will attend Houston Northwest Church for Bible study you will be challenged with a lot of thoughts. Bible tells you the area which needs to be changed; it opens your eyes to openness. Through Jesus, we learn things which are right for us and set ourselves free from bad habits and fears.

Bible study brings us closer to Jesus

The last reason to attend Midweek Bible study is to find you close to Jesus. Through the scriptures, you will know your Lord. You will know about His glory. Scriptures prove his existence. God is right here, he is speaking through the Bible. You should embrace His Holy words and implement on them.

Bible study opens your mind and soul

Through Bible study, you will realize your path. Don’t doubt Him, believe what He says and do according to Him and you shall remain rightful throughout your life.

Remember God is speaking to you and if you truly want to listen to him then you must have an open mind. Come to Pentecostal Churches in Houston and listen to what He has to say to us. Bible lets us to stay close to Him and hence Bible study becomes important for every one of us.


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