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Color Combination To Follow For Attractive Logo Design

When you see a logo, you do not even realize that your mind captures the colors used in that logo. So, when I say KFC, the first color that will come to your mind is red. That is why companies choose the color combinations very carefully. The professional graphic designers who are working at Digital Polo Inc say that it is the responsibility of the designers to choose the colors. As a designer, you should have better knowledge on what color combinations look good and also create an impact.

I hope you find the following article helpful as I have jotted down some fail proof color combinations that you can use.

Yellow and Red:

Yellow and red both are vibrant and powerful colors. While yellow represents happiness, red is related to power. Use yellow as the background color for the logo design. Use red for the logo itself. You will notice that fast food companies use yellow and red for their logos. Red attracts more people and yellow makes you feel happy. Happy people tend to eat more even if they do not feel hungry.

Grey and Yellow:

When you use grey and yellow for a logo, you actually create a balance without making the design too loud. Instead of using a yellow background, in this case, you should use grey background. Grey represents sophistication and mystery. Create the logo using yellow. It will immediately attract the target audience and make them happy. As a marketing designer, you will be able to create a balanced logo using this color combination.

Blue and Green:

Both blue and green colors are associated with calmness, serenity, and loyalty. However, depending on the shade of blue and green that you use, the meaning of the logo design will change. If you choose pastel shades of blue and green, you will establish a brand as a trusted brand. The choice is great for medical or financial service providers. If you use electric blue with mint green, the company will come across as an energetic company. The combination represents youthfulness.

Black and Orange:

We all know that mixing red and yellow creates the beautiful color orange. Orange is a very warm color that represents friendliness. Hence, when you use orange for a brand identity design, you establish the brand as a friendly brand. Black on the other hand is a strong color. It is best used for background. Even though you want a brand to come across as approachable, you should also make sure that it appears to be a confident brand. Black background is ideal to impart the sense of strength and power.


Here I have mentioned the color combinations only. Each color has shades and tints. You are free to experiment with different shades and tints of the mentioned colors within the same combination. If you try to experiment, you have endless combination options to try out. Choose colors depending on the industry that you are catering to.


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Kevin Logan

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