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Today's story is the most perfect theft in the world, and people believe that it is the biggest theft in the world. No other mischief is found in the world of such a big theft in one night. About US $ 500 million was stolen and a reward of $ 5 million was announced to the thief who gave the clue. But it has been 30 years, in 30 years till date no clue has been found. The agency, called the world's best agency, was investigated by the FBI.

No clue has been found of the choros who committed this theft till date. There is no address of the goods which he stole. It is said that the thief leaves some clue but his finger print was not found there. He had taken care of everything, that is why the FBI has left his hand till date.


This is the story of Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, a city in Boston America. Actually, there were many precious paintings in this museum. Which people from all over the world used to see. And the cost of the painting was crores in itself as it had a unique painting of Sargent, Whistler and Zorn. This is the incident of March 18, 1990, around 1:30 pm when the museum was closed.

Two men in the uniform of Boston police come to the gate of this museum, and tell the guard, they have received news that there is something wrong, they told the guard to open the door and we have to check. The guard opened the door without any doubt. And they go to the control room.


In the control room, they say to Gord, we doubt you will have to walk with us to the police station. We have got a call, if you have made a mess, then you call another fellow who can sit here and take duty and by chance there was an alarm button in the same room. Whatever can be played when it is messed up. The guard called his other companion, who was guarding the museum at the time. All those guards come to that room. After that they handcuff the guard and blindfold the rest of the companions. Then they lock those guards in the basement. They come out after closing them. He entered the museum around 1:30 pm.

He is then comfortably admitted to the museum and picks up a number of naib paintings one by one, the selection and collection of the paintings reveals that he already had a lot of knowledge about the painting. Out of hundreds of paintings kept there, only 13 paintings are taken up. After that, they leave the museum and disappear.

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