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Disruptions in the Global Feminine Hygiene Products Market

Sanitary pads, menstrual cups, tampons, period panties etc. are no longer words that are alien to global consumers. No points for guessing these are feminine hygiene products that are used by women and sold through retail pharmacies as well as modern trade. However, in no way does it mean that the taboo associated with mensuration and feminine hygiene have evaporated overnight. Whatever little change in the mindset came in has come from the top 1% of the 1% who have realised that hygiene needs of nearly 50% of the global population (by gender) are being overlooked for years together. As a result, few bold and brave brands have come to the rescue of women and decided to launch products that cater to something as basic as hygiene needs and mensuration issues.

In this article, we are going to look at some of these disruptive brands and their products that have helped break the stereotype associated with feminine hygiene and are pushing the Global Feminine Hygiene Products Market ahead.

  1. Recently wellness brand PeeSafe was in the news for raising 300 million in Series A funding which it is likely to use for extensive R&D, Product development and extending the distribution. PeeSafe, a brand that started with toilet seat sanitizers for women became an instant best seller in the Indian subcontinent. In the last 30 months the brand has disrupted the market further by introducing many environment friendly products. Spokesperson from Alkemi Growth Capital which led the Series A Funding said in an interview to The Hindu - “Personal and home hygiene is an essential category to wellness. As a consumer-oriented and agile brand, Pee Safe is operating in a large, growing market and addressing important areas of concern in the hygiene segment. The team has created innovative, environment-friendly products that resonate with consumers.” The recent funding and acquired goodwill of the brand due to the trust vested in them by thousands of consumers is an indication that more such players are likely to come and disrupt the Global Feminine Hygiene Products Market.
  2. Tampons is another such product which has the capability to disrupt the Global Feminine Hygiene Products Market. Even though Tampons have been used by women for thousands of years and its early use was more unstructured and restricted to usage as a contraceptive in ancient Egypt. Its modern-day use was introduced by Denver businesswoman Gertrude Tendrich, who purchased the tampon patent from tampon inventor Dr. Earl Haas in 1931. She later formed Tampax, the first tampon company, and they’re still going strong.  

So far Tampons accessible only in the first world countries which have moved beyond sanitary pads and are looking at more ergonomic solutions to handle menstrual pressure. However, a majority of the world population which is still not privy to using anything beyond cloth for menstruation, is still ignorant about this amazing invention. Tampax is now looking at making the product more accessible to a larger part of the world and also working on how its price can be made affordable for the masses.

Summary: Global Feminine Hygiene Products Market even though is seeing much acceptance but the potential for further growth and expansion is huge. In this article, we’ve looked at two disruptive products which are going to change the way this market is perceived and operates. Read.


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