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Don’t Know How To Manage Expenses? Follow Budget Calendar Method

Creating a financial plan and following it are two different things. Many people create a budget plan but fail to follow it. There may be so many reasons such as:

  • Overspendings 
  • Do not take it seriously 
  • Feel pressurise and many more reasons

These are the common problems most of the people face when they start to follow the financial plan. But sometimes there are many loopholes in the budget plan that resists you to trail it. How you can identify it?

This is one of the most difficult tasks which people face. We have discussed some best ways to identify that your budget plan is actually efficient or not. Read below:

  1. Feel uncomfortable: Following a rigid plan is difficult, no doubt. But if you are following it under high pressure and still not getting a result, then there is some issue. 
  2. Do not able to meet the needs of the end: Despite following the budget, you are not able to fulfil the regular demands, and then you must have to look at your plan again. 
  3. Instinct: If you think that this monthly-plan will not perform well, then leave that financial plan immediately. 

You can see that the mistake is not always performed by you; there are some in budget strategy too. If you are searching for the best method, then you are going to read about it in this blog. We have come up with a unique strategy that will help you to manage the finance in a much better way.

Budget Calendar Method

This method is the key to making you a financially independent person. It contains so many things that make it a perfect budgeting technique. 

Let’s find out more about it...

What is the Budget Calendar Method?

The main objective behind this is to track the expenses. You can include rents whether it is related to mortgage or rent, utility bills and many more. Written them all on the calendar will help you to sense what is going out and what is coming in. 

Nowadays, following this strategy becomes easier with the inbuilt application. You can download these apps on your phone and leverage it. It will notify you about what expense is coming in. And you will also able to check the previous ones too. 

The best part is that the Budget Calendar Method is flexible. You can either create it for weekly or monthly. You can go for yearly too but it needs dedication and motivation and it is not applicable if you have some long term goals.

Steps to create it

There are a few points that are very easy to follow.

  • Step #1: Create a list

In this step, mentioned all the expenses and make sure you are including all from smaller one to larger ones. Though, it could be applicable for constant one, but how will you determine the variable one. In that scenario, you have to overestimate the amount. 

You can check the previous month list and assume the amount. For example, your water bill was €100, and then you have to assume €140. In this way, you will not face any money related issue.

  • Step #2: Double-check the list

Many time people missed the small daily cost which further creates so many problems. So, it would be better if you go through the list again. It will help you to find out the missing ones. It means, with this list you are preparing yourself in advance.

  • Step #3: Put a plan in front of yourself 

This one is the most important part because overlook the calendar for a day may introduce several problems. To avoid this, make sure you stick that calendar to somewhere you visit often. In this way, it will attract your eyes and you can remind yourself about coming bills. 

You can see how easy is to follow this method. But like every budget plan, this has a negative side too. In this, you are not getting space for an emergency fund. This is because of overestimation. But this single thing won’t affect the simplicity of this budget plan. You can manage the surprising expenses with some borrowing methods such as bad credit loans instant decision IrelandYou way get the instant funds but from direct lender only. Getting quick application approval from traditional ones may take too much time because of a rigid policy. 

Now, you can see how easy is to create this budget plan. The best part is that it will not consume too much time. You can follow the above steps to create an effective Calendar Budget.


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I am Ella Ava. I am from Dublin, Ireland and currently working as a Financial Adviser at One More Finance Ireland..

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