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Fashion And Personality

Historically, fashion is related to the personality of an individual. How a person dresses will give an idea of what the person is thinking. Personality plays a great responsibility in one’s life; it represents the individual. Clothing helps to express the innermost thoughts, feelings, and kindness. This will also help one on how to dress appropriately. Some people may feel uncomfortable when they are obliged to dress in a certain way. Fashion can be defined as our manners, appearance, and also the characteristics. Fashion is related to personality, and they compliment each other. When you look at a well-dressed person, you may ask yourself if the person makes the clothes or they just fit them exactly? The color of the clothing always tells the mood of the person, most sad or stressed people wear dull colors. Women are mostly attracted to the color.

Most people select clothes according to the event, mood, or time. The choosing of the clothes may come without a plan, and some people may not realize unless someone else asks about the gloominess. Fashion does not mean that one has to wear what is common to others, but it can be what relates to one’s perception.

People like to be unique and special, although it is considered to be lonely and away from the world when one is unique. There are different reasons why there are various trends and designers who make clothes the way ones wants. There is a reason why people dress the way they do. The time taken to choose clothes and to come up with style should be taken into consideration because it is a way that people use to judge one’s personality. The fashion style of an individual shows the personality of a person whether it is classic, romantic, casual, or trendy. The fashion personality always fits the lifestyle of that person.

Classic fashion personality defines the style exactly. The individual with a classic style looks neutral, such as grey, navy, beige, blue, or black which are the key colors among others. The style is likely to worn by people above the age of forty. If a young person dresses this style, the people around may ask why the person is looking older. This type of people do not ignore their lifestyles, but they always want to try to display their personalities, they aim to look elegant and chic.

Most ladies use the classic style to look thinner and taller. The style also looks simple and highlights the personality of an individual. The classical ladies have a linear approach towards what they wear. The often choose fabrics that are durable and of high quality. They choose clothes and accessories that are timeless. The wearers want to look elegant with a classical fashion personality. When an individual looks at the style, he or she can recognize that it fits their personality. The style defines the way one moves and walks around with elegance and classy softness. Classical style is related to peace of mind personality. There is no confusion on how to dress because the style is simple.

Romantic fashion personality

The fashion shows romance and love. People are attracted to others, and the attraction may lead to a bond of love that is strong. Fashion has the power to change one’s image. To others, fashion is a feeling or sensation. Those who love romantic dresses choose florals, paisley prints or polka dots.  It is defined by hats, gloves, dresses or blouses with a neckline that plunge, and long skirts. The fashion may not be found in usual places, and one may be forced to visit another country to get the clothing.  

Fashion, to most people, is the utilization of clothing and accessories to get the best out of them. Fashion is, therefore, a mode of expressing personality. The romantic style personality is lovely, thin, and soft. It goes well with all ages and differentiates one from another. It does not harm others. The personality is found Europe where the nationalities are different, and there is a variety of culture. The personality is feminine when compared to other styles. Being feminine is the aim for most women.

The trendy fashion personality

The style is up to date where the fashion is related to change in technology. The style is for those who are between 18-24 years. They follow trends in the fashion industry; they are updated on the latest fashion. Music and technology. They can be known easily from first sight. The trendy fashion people considre good sales; they don’t look at the value and investment in clothing. Their budget is limited, but they spend their time on fashion as compared to other personalities.  The personalities own some neutral colors, but the idea of classic clothing is new to their sensibility of fashion.

Casual personality

In this fashion, jeans and sweatpants are mostly worn. The style is comfortable. The style does not consider the features of the new fashion. The individuals are comfortable when choosing colors and clothes that are suitable for a casual lifestyle. The style does not fit the official and working places. Most people with this personality don’t care much about clothing; they are interested in other issues than clothes.

Looking at a person dresses can give a clue about what the person is thinking. It is a simple way to know different personalities other than monitoring their movements.




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