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First Copy Watches Kolkata

In this article, we will answer the question about "First copy Watches kolkata."

Here I will tell you about every source of the first copy watches, which are known as replica watches. Watches are a description of a person's style. The watches themselves speak. Commonly the known brands are Rolex, Tissot, Casio, and Rado.

If you want to buy first copy watches, so, there are a lot of options. You need to search the Olx, a lot of Instagram accounts also selling watches, people selling on the metro stations of Kolkata.


You will find people selling the same watches as first copy watches or replica watches.

The watch, which looks like a Rolex, Tissot, or any other expensive brand, is not only the first copy watch or replica watch. There are a few more specifications which make a watch, the replica of an expensive watch.

First copy watches markets in Kolkata:

The market of Esplanade Footpath 

The market of Esplanade Footpath is the cheapest shopping place in Kolkata comparing with another famous market, but the quality of the product is to be purchased carefully; otherwise, one could get cheated.

Park Street Metro Station in Kolkata  

It is also the cheapest market where you can buy any replica watches like Rolex, Tissot, etc. This market starts on the roadside footpath from Esplanade Crossing eastwards and goes up to Park Street Metro Station in Kolkata through New Market.

LalBazar Watch and clock Market

Lalbazar is a neighborhood in central Kolkata, earlier known as Calcutta here You will get the best price Watches Dealers & Services in also there are a lot of varieties of watches in Lal Bazar

Vardaan Market Kolkata       

Fakes, replicas, or copies of branded watches are a rage with brand-conscious middle-class Kolkatans. Vardaan Market market gives perfection to this. You have to prepare to get the best reproduction of anything you are looking for because there are a lot of chances you might end up buying Fake watches.

New Market, Kolkata         

All this luxury and precious brands are available in this market for more than what is affordable to you, from Rs 300 to the maximum Rs 7000 watch you want and Rs 3000 for your favorite brand. You must have a reliable source from where you can buy all of this because you do not want to be fooled and must be given absolutely trash for what you have paid. Also, if you have someone who is already the original owner of the same brand, you can buy the exact copy.

If you don't have a lot of time to get into these markets and negotiate your deal, go to the internet and search for the brand you are looking for there is a vast network of companies and personal profiles selling the first copies of Luxury Brands on Facebook / Instagram. You can choose your product by looking at pictures and place orders, that too, with the cash-on-delivery option.

Do 1st copy watches look precisely similar to Original Watches? 

No replica watches have a slight difference from original observations, which the naked eyes cannot catch.

Are these all watches water-resistant?

Most of the watches are water-resistant, but we do not recommend wearing watches while taking a shower or swimming.


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