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general snus


Buy snus, nicotine pouches, dip, chew online! Swedishproducts, it´s simple, it´s cheap, with a great taste, a wide and varied range of Swedish Snuff, Svenskt Snus, that satisfies all snuffers´ needs, fast and secure delivery from our warehouse in Sweden, secure payment and state of the art personal integrity.

We sell a wide and varied selection of loose snuff as well as portion snuff (snuff in pouches) with a variety of flavors from the leading brands and snuff manufacturers in Sweden. There is a taste for everyone! Buy snus, nicotine pouches, dip, chew online!

general snus

Buy your Svenskt Snus, Swedish Snuff, directly from it´s origin, the heart of Sweden. Sweden; unspoiled nature, clear waters, lush meadows, infinite forests, Swedish snus has evolved over the years. All of the needs of the hunter, fisherman and farmer in the Middle Ages will meet the needs of the urban population during the 20th and 21th centuries. Let’s be very clear about one thing, Swedes are very proud of their Snus, they really love it. Today, about 15% of the adult Swedish population uses snuff. And it still grows, especially among younger and females who prefer snuff in front of cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco and a proven helper to quit smoking, snus popularity steadily improves. It reduces health risks from tobacco and also in a way that doesn´t effect your family and collegaues. If you want nicotine we think snus is the best way to get it. Overall, snus is in Sweden an cultural heritage and has been used for centuries. It´s also tastes good. Buy snus, nicotine pouches, dip, chew online!


We offer a wide and varied range of leading Swedish Snus brands from the most prominent Swedish snus manufacturers. Most well known and most popular is General, produced by Sweden’s leading snuff maker, Swedish Match. They also produce Catch, Ettan, General Variation, General Kardus, General G3, General G4, General Mackmyra, Grov, Götebougs Prima, Göteborgs Rapé, Kaliber, Kronan, Nick&Johnny, Probe, Röda Lacket, The Lab, Tre Ankare and XRANGE. Winnington supplies us with their famous EPOK-brand, portion snuff made of white tobacco with severeal different flavours, actually, they were the first manufacturer using white tobacco to produce snuff. V2 with their brands Offroad, Phantom and Thunder. Fiedler&Lundgren´s Granit, Knekt, Lundgren and Mocca. Skruf, with their Skruf and KNOX assortment such as Skruf Loose, Skruf Loose strong, KNOX with a broad variety in both loose snuff and portion snuff. Buy snus, nicotine pouches, dip, chew online!

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