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Going To a Sports Bar? Read These Rules

Are you planning to enjoy the upcoming match in a sports bar? Well, if this is so, we advise you to read this blog so that you can know the things that you should never do at a sports bar. If you are going to the pubs showing state of origin for the first time with your friends, these below-mentioned pointers are going to be your ultimate saviour and will help you not to become ‘that mood buster guy’ in the bar. So, without time, let’s get started.

ü Plan: The first and foremost rule of going to a sports bar is planning. If you want to sit and enjoy the match, you should gather your crew, decide the time, make the plan and show at the sports bar before the match starts. If you don’t want to be flabbergasted as to why there is no place for you and friends to sit, you should be early because first come, first serve is better.

ü Don’t be “that guy”: There is always this one guy at the sports bar who starts screaming and abusing as soon as his team is losing. Remember, the people there support other teams as well and they have not come to hear your voice.

Since the rules are clear, now you should search for the right venue. But, we understand that finding the right sports bar is not easy, and that’s why we are here. Game On is one such platform that you can rely on to find the right sports bar in Australia. This platform is considered an ultimate live sports guide because you can find everything here that’s broadcast in Australia. Isn’t it amazing? Surely it is, but do you know what is even great? It is that not just you can find the pubs showing UFC 248 with the help of this platform, but you can also know about the amazing deals on foods and drinks.

No matter if you like cricket, snooker, sky racing, football, F1 racing, pool, basket or any other thing, you can find the perfect venue like pubs showing UFC 247 with the help of Game On where you can enjoy the match. If you are interested, you can visit the website of Game On and find the venue, check the latest deals, check the list of pubs, and see the live schedule. And, if you want to know more, you can give a call on 1300 00 5483.

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