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Healthy Lifestyle with Routine Consumption of Swallow's Nest

Idn Poker - Swallow nests, or commonly called poultry feed nests, are nests made of water that are swallowed without the addition of other ingredients. Realfood, a nest-based food and beverage company, wants Indonesians to show the benefits of nesting for health, especially since Indonesia is one of the best swallow nests in the world.
Chelsea Olivia, Glenn Alinsky and Nastusha Olivia Alinsky have officially become ambassadors for the RealFood brand. Chelsea Olivia and her family are believed to be able to realize the values ​​of Realfood and embrace modern ways of living a life that benefits from swallow's nests.
Swallow's nests are known for their health benefits. We know that getting benefits requires an easy process. As a company that truly swallows nests as folds, Rifold wants Indonesians to take advantage of the best ingested nests and make this a comfortable personal experience.
"To find out, we have chosen Chelsea Olivia, Glenn Alinsky and Nastusha as ambassadors for the Realfood brand. To this day, the young family, Chelsea Olivia and our family are in a good position to present our modern, high-quality products. "Edwin Pranata, Founder of Real Food.
Swallow's nest is known for its many benefits, including increasing metabolism in the body, maintaining healthy skin, accelerating cell regeneration, maintaining the digestive system as a suppressor in the body's system. The content of silicic acid in swallow's nests is 11.6 times greater than silicic acid in breast milk, which can optimize brain development in the fetus.
But swallow nests are not easily obtained, it takes almost 6 hours to process swallow nests since the day of cleaning, washing, and boiling. There is no doubt that nesting is included in valuable animal products.
In every quick show of nest products, Realfood presents Realfood Bird's Nest Concentrate, which consists of 5 choices: Stai Fit, Forever Ioung, Pure Vellness, Roial Vellness, and Vonder Mom. Ceme Online
These five options have different advantages than swallowing a nest. Comfort is for those who have health priorities. Staying there will help you maintain your immune system, increase daily activities.
Forever Young Variant is intestinal swallowing with collagen, which is useful for maintaining skin elasticity, firmness and moisture. Pure Vellness has many benefits of preventing and reducing 2S diabetes without preventing insulin and sugar resistance, because it uses a natural sweetener that takes stevia leaves.
Roial Vellness is here to provide full meals for all ages. Glycoprotein and sialic acid in 99% of poultry nests can help support the immune system, accelerate cell regeneration, maintain the body's metabolic and digestive systems, and help with lung and heart care.
Finally, exceptional mother choices are very beneficial for the health of both mother and baby. Silicate acid intake in the intestine is good for fetal brain development. This choice is also enhanced by the addition of folic acid, which is useful in reducing the risk of birth defects in neonates and is important for very rapid placental cell growth and for fetal development and growth.
Silicic acid from this option is also very good for the immune system of the mother and baby. Real food is best consumed after waking up or on an empty stomach before going to sleep. An empty stomach is the best condition for ingesting active substances that are absorbed from the hive, for example by silicic acid, epidermal growth factor (EGF), amino acids and minerals.
You don't need to worry that Realfood products are safe for use in all ages because they don't contain preservatives, colorings, no artificial sweeteners and are sterilized at 121 ° C.
"I am very happy that my family and I believe that we are brand ambassadors of the Realfood brand. As we know, swiftlet nests are truly famous for their excellent health, especially the skin rejuvenation diet. Contains 100% of swallowed nests, their skin does not look good a sustainable and not contaminated by the harmful effects of it ", - said Chelsea Oliviam Poker Online.


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