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Hints for choosing the ideal flooring material

The floor is one of the elements that defines a home´s personality. Because of that, you should know what type of floor to choose for your home. Choosing the right one will depend on your needs and the factors that you will face.

The time has come to change the floor! Resistance to traffic and moisture, durability, easiness to clean and decorative are some of the desirable features on the floor of the house. There are many different materials and when choosing you will realize that a decision is sometimes not easy to make.

Choosing the perfect floor for the interior of the house will not only depend on your personal taste, but also other elements. It is a decision that must be taken calmly. You should evaluate each aspect: your budget, the area where it will be installed and your house decoration style, among many others.

The investment, for example, will be greater as the surface to be coated becomes larger. Some materials will be more expensive than others; others will allow you to save some money, but you will have to change them again sooner than others.

The installation process is another factor that plays an important role. You can place the floating or vinyl floors yourself if you dare. In contrast, tiles or wood should be left in the hands of experts.

When there are children at home or if you live in cold places, carpets are among the preferred alternatives. But if there are allergic people living at home, you should discard them. In short, these are just some of the elements that you should take into account.

If you are thinking about reforming your house, you should evaluate the latest trends in flooring for houses and thus have a clear idea of ​​their particularities (click here).

What type of floor do you choose for your home?

To help you answer this question we will start by telling you about the materials available in the market. Knowing the characteristics of each material will allow you to make a better decision about it.

1. Tiles

These are a very popular type of floor that includes ceramics and porcelain. Prices are very variable between them. Its installation is complex, but in return you will have a floor that will last a long time and is easy to maintain. You can use these in any space of your house as it resists traffic, humidity and ultraviolet light.

You will have at your disposal a great variety of designs, colors and sizes. It is recommended that you keep some extra pieces in case one is damaged and you need to replace it.

2. Natural stones

These include marble, sandstone, granite and slate, among others. They are also very resistant to any condition. These are within the classification of "long-term floors", which is an immense advantage if you take into account that its cost is very high.

Although they can be placed in any room, you have to take some precautions. The sandstone, for example, is non-slip, making it an excellent choice for the bathroom floor; while marble would suit more on the walls than on the floor of this room.

3. Natural wood

Wood is a warm material and is among the favorite of many people. It adapts to any type of design, is easy to clean and pleasant to the touch. To keep it as new it requires some regular maintenance, especially if it is in places of high traffic.

Normally these are not recommended for the bathroom or the kitchen as it is sensitive to contact with water. However, the technology allows you to apply anti-humidity treatments to use in these spaces. Its cost can also be high, but if it is quality and takes good care, it will last a long time.

4. Floating platforms

Floating platforms is currently a trend that it is becoming important. These are sheets that go together, like a puzzle. It imitates wood and natural stone very well. The material can be expensive, but the installation is cheaper and easier than the previous options.

Its maintenance is simple; the sheets are replaceable individually if they are damaged or worn. Resists changes in temperature, pressure and other external agents such as ultraviolet light and mold. The finish is unnatural and it lasts less time than wood.

5. Vinyl and synthetic floors

These are economical options, easy to install and clean. You can place them on any surface. You will also find very decorative models. You can place them yourself, so you will also save in this issue.

The problem with this type of floor is that they are not very resistant in places of high traffic. But they can help you isolate cold and heat.

Have your decided your material already?



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