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How is the Smart Lighting Market in India growing?

India has been experiencing huge electricity demand-supply gap, given the fact that it is the fifth major electricity consumer and the second most populated country in the world. A large portion of the electricity production is consumed by lighting systems alone. The consumption in this sector has been increasing constantly due to the innovation in lighting technology such as Biological Lighting, Advertisement Lighting, Aqua Tissue Culture, etc. Since the production of electricity cannot be increased beyond a certain point due to the depletion of natural resources, new technologies in the field are constantly working towards developing smart ways to efficiently conserve energy.

Smart lighting is one such type of lighting technology that has been designed keeping in mind the aspect of energy efficiency. The smart lighting market in India has been doing really well in recent times and hence, the sector has been experiencing a rapid growth in the forecasted period.

Recently, India is faced with the constant struggle to meet the increasing electricity demand. Smart lighting is an exceptional choice to deal with the power shortages and high electricity costs in the country. One such example of smart lighting is the LED lights, which have been gaining momentum worldwide as well as in India. LEDs can notably lessen the lighting load and the overall energy consumption due to its amazing technology that enables energy saving, long lamp life and are also environment friendly. The new LED technology can surprisingly reduce the country’s electricity demand to a great extent.

Smart lighting bulbs are typically LEDs, which draw much less power than the traditional incandescent bulbs. Apart from the energy saving and cost cutting aspect, smart lighting also offers other advantages to the consumers. They can be adjusted and controlled using a smartphone and can change colors as per the user’s requirements and can be switched on and off from a remote location.  LEDs are versatile products and can be used for street lighting, residential lighting, traffic signals, office space lighting, automotive lighting and much more.

The demand for smart lighting in India is still mostly prevalent in the metros due to the general awareness and socio-economic growth in these areas. However, the demand for smart lighting from rural India is also going to witness a significant increase in recent years due to the government initiatives under the Street Lighting National Project (SNLP). The expansion of such initiatives will soon open up new market areas for the smart lighting industry in India.

India has been declared as one of the most polluted countries in the world, which acts as a growth factor for the smart lighting market given its eco-friendly aspect. With the increasing government support and the introduction of various smart lighting products in the market, the prices of smart lights have been reduced which has in turn resulted in consumers having more options to choose from. All these factors together have contributed to the growth of the smart lighting market in India. The increasing technological advancements, cost effectiveness and the growing awareness among people are also the driving factors in the market.



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