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How To Install The Netgear WN2000RPT Wi-Fi Extender Using SMART WIZARD

Having an Internet connection is one of the first things we install in a home or office. Depending on this, we will have more or fewer complications, either by the distribution or by location. In many cases, our Internet connection does not work as effectively as it should since the signal is lost in certain spaces. The walls for example or a double floor can be a brake for Wi-Fi signals.

That is why there are Wi-Fi extenders, which allow people to expand Wi-Fi coverage and avoid connection failures. In general, they are usually compatible with any company router. What they do is receive a signal and send it with greater power to the other site. Today we will talk about a company whose Wi-Fi extenders are quite widespread: Netgear. What we are going to do is to replicate Wi-Fi so that it goes further with good quality. There are two ways to configure it.

1. Configure Netgear Wi-Fi extender with WPS button

If the router you want to connect to has a WPS button, you can connect quickly.

Press and hold the WPS button on your wireless router and it will activate that for 1 min the devices can connect without a password. Press the WPS button on the front of the Netgear. You will already have them connected. If you see that you do not have a WPS button or it does not work and you want to configure it differently follow these steps.

We recommend that you visit the official support to consult your specific model if you want to solve a specific problem since the Netgear family has a large range:

2. Configure Netgear extend Wi-Fi extender remotely

Let's see how to configure the extender:

Step 1: You need to connect it with a network cable (rj45) to the router you want to configure. Then, turn on the extender and now from a computer or mobile, you can configure the Wi-Fi extension. You can see that you will be able to connect to the device (as if it were a Wi-Fi) will appear in the name: NETGEAR_EXT you connect and go.

Step 2: Now you open the browser and write the following:

Step 3: Now it will appear to be able to configure it:

Step 4: It will start looking for the Wi-Fi networks that it sees in its reach and you must select the one you want to be used as Wi-Fi Extender. Click on Continue

Step 5: A space will appear to fill in the Pass Phrase (Password) and put the Wi-Fi password of your Internet connection. Click on continue

Step 6: Now he tells us to put the name SSID. This is if you want to change the name of Wi-Fi for those who connect with this extension, or without typing name, you mark: “Use the same security and passphrase as those for the existing network”. What this will do by marking this is to use the same name as the one you just connected (a clean Wi-Fi extension). The Extender will be connected to the Wi-Fi router that you have indicated and in 1 minute, it will be ready!

In this way, you can have our Netgear extender configured and thus expand the Wi-Fi coverage of your space.



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In order to setup Netgear wireless extender, you need some login details which are to be entered on mywifiext link. The complete steps to setup Netgear extender can be checked from the online setup link. If you want step by step assistance, you can contact the customer support experts. They are available 24x7 to assist you in a much convenient manner.

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