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How To Reserve Airport Parking Space

Airport parking in Chicago can be a huge hassle whenever you want to embark on a trip, things can also go bad if you did not plan ahead and booking in advance in such situation. There are several options which are open to travelers and many airport parking companies in Chicago are ready to take the car to a secured environment. Most of these parking companies provide the same service to their clients, however, what differentiates them is the proximity to the airport as well as the transfer time.

How to park?

It is very easy to park in the airport when you book online; this is because a traveler will be able to find all the required information on the airport parking companies. This information will include Chicago airport parking rates as well as free quotes about services which are offered to customers so that you will be able to compare the best deals and find the best prices.

After booking the parking space, the confirmation as well as directions will be sent by the service provider through email. However, if you reserved on the phone in the last minute, it would be sent through fax. The confirmation will be shown as evidence when you get to the reception of the long term parking midway airport in Chicago, so the best thing is to have it with you. In addition to that, there is a maximum size for vehicles, so it is essential to read the condition very well.

Airport parking in Chicago is well guarded and they also have surveillance cameras, light, patrols and they operate throughout the whole day for 365 days, there are some who also have undercover parking. Airport parking rates will be dependent on the duration which the vehicle stays in the park.

The first thing which a traveler needs to consider is the location of the airport parking company. The travelers can choose to reserve a parking space within or outside the airport premised and can also choose the one which is close to his exit. All the airport parking companies have buses or shuttles which can be used to transfer passengers to the airport after parking their vehicle. But most of them will require you to leave the vehicle key with them.

You can likewise go for a chauffeur service, although the service may cost you more but it is stress free. You will only need to give the chauffeur the key before you take your leave. The chauffeur will be the one responsible to take your car to the secure parking space and they will also pick the key and return it to you when you return.

So as to have a cheaper parking space, travelers will have to check in their car and be transferred to the airport, this will attract a discount of 40%.

It is also essential to book at a company which is very close to the airport. This implies that you will have less transfer time. The parking space must be easy to find and close to the terminal which you are going. Off airport parking may require more time, but the ride is free of charge.


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