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How to Select the Best Tipster for Profitable Soccer Betting?

In recent years, one of the most popular strategies for making an earning from football betting is to follow a football tipster for getting insight and predictions so as to make successful bets. Following are some guidelines to follow while choosing the best tipster for yourself:
#1. Avoid Social Media Tipsters:
It only derives from common sense that anybody who is any good at anything, will not be doing it for free. So, what is the catch with any social media football tipster who claims to provide you with winning tips without charging any fee? In most cases, these tipsters are in league with bookies and they earn from directing you to their bookies and mostly make money out of the losses incurred by punters. So, a great rule of thumb is to steer clear of predictions or tips offered by social media tipping champions. 
#2. Avoid Tipsters Who Do Not Have Loses in Their Stats:
“It is one thing to talk football but on a field, anything can happen”. This quote comes from a premier league team manager. The point here is, if managers, who know their team, players, strengths and weaknesses and of course, have the access to the best analysts and even they cannot predict one hundred percent how a match will go. So, even the world’s best football tipster cannot have a 100% prediction rate. So if you see unrealistic or too good to be true promises on stats, steer clear- because it is likely to be too good to be true and a scam.
#3. Look for Third Party Verification on Tipsters:
 It is important to check that the football tipster you plan to follow publishes verified tips. The best way to ensure that is to find tipsters from tipster markets, i.e., websites featuring lists of tipsters for the punter to choose from. A reputable site for finding tipsters will verify all tips before they are published and prevent scamming of subscribers. It is always best to find tipsters based on their data from past matches on a third party website with verified tipsters.
#4. Check In With Your Betting Behaviour:
Your style of betting needs to be complimented by the tipster you pick for soccer predictions. Tipsters or websites with tipster listings often offer different subscription plans. Make sure the plan you get on suits the kind of betting you prefer- monthly, weekly or bi-weekly, etc. It is also important to check the kind of predictions provided by the tipster and match it to the kind of betting market you provide. The world’s best football tipster will not be suitable for you if they don’t provide predictions on the type of bet that you prefer.
#5. Make Sure the Tipster Price Can be Supported by Your Betting Bank:
The best tipsters come with a price. Ensure that your betting bank, i.e., the money you have set aside towards your betting expeditions, can support the price of the tipster you would like to follow. If more than half of your betting money or all of your earnings from bets go towards meeting the price of the football tipster you want to work it, your betting career will not be profitable nor sustainable in the long run.   
It is important to have realistic expectations from the tipster you choose to follow. Successful and long term betting requires perseverance, patience and discipline and it is unfair to expect even a 80% rate of continuous accurate predictions. If you follow a good tipster for long enough and make even a 3% ROI on soccer betting, you and your tipster are doing something right.


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