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I forgot my gmail password when I was factory reset my phone

I forgot my gmail password when I was factory reset my phone


Learn a basic trick when you forgot the Gmail password during factory reset your phone

Gmail has been the best as a free webmail service and widely used by users on a daily basis. This webmail account is pretty secured on your mobile device that you are using and also it secures your mobile phone with its great email address and password. Gmail has various settings and options help you to secure your mobile device after configuring your Gmail account on your Android device. If you are using an Android device and completed the factory reset but forgot the password your phone, you can have basic guidance to recover it soon.

What to do when forget the password during or after factory reset on the phone:

A factory reset is the most important process that makes your device quite refresh and you cannot get any kind of already registered app and services. When you select the factory reset, you must have basic information as you might lose whole settings on your device and could not find anything afterward. It will omit the mentioned password and email address. But when you forget the password and don’t know what to do go access your account, you need to; first of all, check out the factory reset process is done perfect using fingerprint and pass code.

It is very simple to check out the default factory reset on your phone. It will delete your cache and cookies memory and also refresh the browser when you try to use your internet browser on your mobile device. Your phone will be as a new device and when you required to access on your Gmail account using the email address and password, you can access but if you forget the password and facing difficulty in access, you should for the Google Account Recovery process that would help you to recover the password on your device soon.

Steps of Google Account Recovery 

Following are the ways to recover the password during factory reset on your phone:

·        First of all, turn off your mobile phone using the power button and then turn it on using the same button.

·        Wait for the second you can see the settings on your phone after a factory reset and then scroll down on your device.

·        You should OTG device and connect it to your phone and you can see some set which after you should enter the Gmail’s credentials.

·        If you forgot the password select the forgot password button and then select the verify your Google account.

·        You can flesh drive to change the settings on your device and access your account using the development settings.

·        You find the all application file and get the back and reset option and then click on the reset option.

·        Your phone will be reset and then you will find your account with its previous email address and password to access at the end.

If you still forget the password, you can use the Google account recovery using phone number. If you face any other error, you can get in touch with us at any time. 



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