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Importance of Implementing Manual Handling Risk Assessment to Your Business

Manual handling activities play an important role in many workflows, but as a business or organisation owner, you need to know that this kind of activities can be extremely dangerous if they aren’t managed properly by everyone involved in the process. Manual handling involves lifting, carrying, lowering or moving a heavy load by hand or bodily force which is considered to be the most common cause of accidental injury in the workplace. The carrying and lifting of heavy objects may look straight forward enough on paper but in reality, this is not the case. If not managed correctly then there are all sorts of things that can go wrong potentially resulting in serious injury to the workers, damage to valuable goods, possible legal consequences and not to mention even death.

So, the companies who are responsible for manual handling needs to make sure that they carry out a thorough Manual Handling Risk Assessment before any such activity can take place. Having a good manual handling risk assessment plan for your organisation or company can weigh up all the potential hazards and take necessary steps to mitigate them, ensuring that the whole manual handling activities in your workplace can proceed smoothly and safely. Main & Associates is the well established and most reputable company that have years of experience offering risk assessment solutions to all types of businesses. Our team of highly trained professionals are committed to introducing necessary measures and precautions to reduce risk in the workplace.

No matter whether you are running a start-up or are a part of a large scale organisation, in this age of ever-fluctuating today’s market trends, you will be faced with project management risks that need your utmost dedication for timely mitigation. Projects are designed to take advantage of opportunities and resources and with this, come risks and challenges as well. It is not easy to access risks alone because you need to take some essential steps for successful risk management which involves risk analysis and what needs to be done to minimise the risks. Only a professional company like Main & Associates have the experience and skills in Project Management Risk Assessment and our team of professionals provide solutions that help to identify, categorise prioritise, and mitigate or avoid these risk ahead of time.

Main & Associates is the leading Occupational Health And Safety Australia Company that offers innovative solutions which are designed in such a way to ensure your business meets with all occupational health and safety (OH&S) requirements. We are the single source resource for all your health and safety management, risk management and we help to optimise your business and achieve your goals. Therefore, if you want to make your workplace risk free, safe and healthy then opting for Main & Associates is the right option. For more details and other information to know about Main & Associates please visit our website here:


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