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Know how to hack gardenscapes to create a beautiful garden of dreams

While writing down my user-experience for this stellar game, I’d like to say that it’s not without problems. As with other free-to-play apps, I could use real cash to buy in-game coins. You can trade these coins for lives and use boosters to speed up a volley of tasks that take place in the garden. I was rewarded by the coins as I played the game. However, the amount was paltry I must say. For each level I completed, I received 50-75 coins. The pitfall is it costs around 900 coins for refilling the lives and even more to purchase the boosters. I used gardenscape hack to sail over this part.

Facing and eliminating problems

After passing level 60, I found that the levels started to become very unforgiving. They become tough even when you can pass the certain level. I discerned that your performance will not be determined in the first few moves that you make. Quite often, the game rides on luck. Hopefully, players can start a level with the required means to make rainbow blasters and bombs in their first few moves. I used the sensational hack tool to make the bombs. I had all the resources ready in my kitty. The online generator is a matter of great marvel in this regard.

The social aspects

A very interesting and refreshing thing for me is that I could link the game with Facebook. I could then receive lives between my real-life pals. I am calling this feature at this moment because it doesn’t seem to work properly. Shelly and me were ceaselessly asking for this and sending one another lives. I had sent many a request for help, but the actual lives that is sent one another got lost somewhere in cyberspace! It’s unfortunate that out of the dozens Shelly sent me, actually got two of them, I reckon. Had it not been for the gardenscape cheats, my game would have never progressed to the peak.

The ingrained difference

Unlike Bejeweled stars, Cady Crush saga and similar games, players can’t see their friends’ progress. Well, overly competitive persons like Shelly enjoy this precedence. I also found that players cannot replay levels. Hence, if there was a level that I particularly was fond of, got it to play only once. I am still not quite sure why this particular feature is there in the game. Even if they allowed me to replay the levels but didn’t give rewards with the paltry volume of coins that they do initially, I’d still say the same thing.

In a nutshell

I will assert that I enjoyed playing this initially and found it gripping till the levels started to become downright frustrating and unforgiving. I got to know how to hack gardens capes and that’s when I obtained all the free resources for free. It enhanced my game and this method helped me to come out of the typical snare of trying to squeeze money from players so that we can continue progressing through the levels.  I unlocked, I unearthed and I was absorbed in it till the last level.


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