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Knowing About Your Fortune Through Palmistry Readings

There are various methods of making astrological predictions and indicate the upcoming events. There are zodiac sign astrology, numerological astrology, Chinese astrology, tarot reading, and various others. However, one wing of astrological prediction method that is quite popular in India is the palmistry reading. In fact, this has been a practice with Indian astrologers since ages immemorial.

Nothing Compares Palmistry India

Many astrologers, especially those in India believe that there is nothing better in entire world than the art of palm reading for making the predictions about past, present, and future of a person.

  • It is believed by the experts that each line that appears on the palm of a person indicates something about his or her past, present, or future.
  • Reading the palm or palmistry reading has thus evolved into a work of art over the years.
  • That does not mean palmistry India does not have any scientific basis. Instead the reading process is based on several time tested principles and methods.

Why Palm Reading?

Leading astrologers in India believe that palm is like a book and it is just reading the book that will give all the necessary information about the person and his past, present, and future. Palm reading according to them is like reading a book written in some specific language and it is like learning the language and reading the book that the palmistry in India is all about. At the same time palm reading is also very popular throughout the country and right from the palm reader sitting on the road with a carpet and book spread over it through the renowned astrologers appearing in TV shows or providing astrological insight online, the process of reading the palm is almost the same and widely accepted.

Basics of Palmistry

Palmistry is said to have been initiated in India and thereafter it has migrated to other countries like Greece, Persia, Egypt and Syria etc. Legend has it that palmistry is the knowledge derived from Seas and that is why it is also known as “Samudrika or knowledge derived from Samudra”. Over the years one would find many famous names that have excelled in the field of astrology in mythologies as well as in history. Who can overlook names like Narada, Garga, Bhrigu, Valmiki and Sahadev in mythologies and Varahamihir, Khana, Chaitanya and many others in history that have taken the science of astrology and palmistry reading to a new height altogether.

There are also various literary creations based on palmistry like the “Bhavishya Purana” and the “Hasta Sanjeevani” that are not only famous but also widely and extensively followed all over the country by palmists. Unfortunately, in recent times slowly but steadily palmistry is taking a back seat in the domain of Indian astrology and number of eminent palmists is declining as well. However, palmistry in India is still alive with the great contributions of some knowledgeable and eminent astrologers online and offline.


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