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Ladies Minnie Mouse Costume - go as you like

Remember all those times you flipped though the fairytale comics and lifestyle magazines or scrolled through the websites and made little notes in your mind. You watched the gorgeous Bollywood divas with ‘drop jaw’ thrill. The princess of Arabian nights dazzled you with her colourful dress and gorgeous presence.  You never even blinked when Minnie mouse came dancing at our television screen. Tell me you haven’t imagined yourself in the Cinderella dress? Many a times in front of the mirror, you would pose your fancy perfectly. From childhood till now we have lived the lives of celebrities or characters a thousand times in our mind that kept on inspiring us.


Be it Bollywood charming queens or heart melting fairy tale characters, they all stole your mind and robed your heart, each in their own way. You wanted to be in the Cinderella shoe or do a bailey in the cheerful Minnie mouse dress.  If your heart is still pulsating for Ladies Minnie Mouse Costume a few clicks will take you to the land of Fancydressandhenparty, where you can dress up your fantasy.


Other than Ladies Minnie Mouse costume, if you are a game to explore more, the wardrobe at fancydressandhenparty is just unfathomable and boundless like the wings of your imagination. The collections here are effortless and colours of fantasy pour down from endless cascades. From little mermaid ensembles to superhero costumes to uniform of soldiers, sailors, titillating airhostesses and nurse we have covered a far-flung range from across time and age. Our inspiration has wondered from mind to mind and came out with their deepest fantasy and darkest secrets from the ends of the earth that have been reflected in our spread.


Our wardrobe is a playground where the romance of cinema and fashion meets the quirkiness of cartoons and mischievousness of seductress. The closets are sewed with universal hues of frolic and desire.


They cried, they gossiped, they sang and mesmerised you. You did fall in love with them. Happiness was discovered. The lovely shades of pink on their sleeves, the glittering fabrics on their gowns or the gold dripping of their yellow Zari. You secretly desired them all. The urge to fit in their dress was irresistible. Hold your breath of squeaking delight! If the urge is still so spick and span do visit fancydressandhenparty.


The dresses are stitched with the essence of your secret fantasy and your innocent fascination. There is a timeless story of love, comedy or war behind every creation. Witness the unfolding of many immortal narrations at fancydressandhenparty that hides in the fabrics of these fancy sets of dress. Get a sneak peak of vast array of apparel that will bring alive your deepest desire.


You can be the enchantress in a wonder woman costume or in ’French maid’ apparel. Or look jazzy in an outfit of power puff girls or be the queen of Persia. You can be all at Fancydressandhenparty. It is a love child of your fantasy. So what are you waiting for? Just grab the opportunity to dress yourself up with these amazing costumes.


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