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London-based telehealth device manufacturer Frequency Precision breaks clientele records in the UK

Frequency Precision, a London-based medical telecare device manufacturer, is gaining traction in the UK with a huge list of products such as bed leaving sensor mats, call buttons, chair leaving sensor mats, convulsion sensors, pagers and a lot more, to monitor patients (especially with dementia) and alert carers when necessary. The Airlert technology from Frequency Precision is gaining clientele on a huge level collectively. Based on the air pressure monitoring model, Airlert technology sensors and pressure mats provide better results than other alerting systems to monitor those in care by reducing false alarms and only sending precise and important alerts to carers when required.


[UK] [23 April 2020]: Frequency Precision, a London-based medical telecare device manufacturer, is gaining huge traction in the medical field at present for their Airlert air pressure mats and alert devices based on Airlert technology. The technology was developed by Frequency Precision’s founder, Doug Dwyer, with the purpose of making a better and more discreet way to monitor people in care and reducing false alarms whilst still retaining their freedom. At present, Airlert technology is used by hundreds of thousands of people in private care homes and hospitals around the country with customers reviewing it to be the most reliable and easy to use monitoring sensor system in the market.

Airlert technology operates on an air-pressure sensing model where Airlert devices send alerts to carers whenever air pressure changes inside the mat indicate movements like falling or leaving the bed. The design of Airlert mats is inspired by self-inflating camping mats. Inside the mats, a layer of foam expands and contracts as the weight comes up off and retires on the mat. The air it sucks in is measured by the control box and the sensor alerts the carers once a certain pattern of pressure change has been detected. This system is beneficial for both patients and carers; where patients get the freedom to roll around on the bed and chair or leave bed for important tasks like using restrooms, the carers can monitor the people in need of care, properly without any false alarms.

From the day of establishment, frequency precision has been offering their quality services to people with the aim of making health care and telecommunication better in the medical field. At present, the London-based manufacturer of Airlert based telecare devices is getting huge attention from private care homes and hospitals across many countries for their user-friendly and reliable sensor and pressure devices to monitor people in need of specialized care. The devices are available in two variations: for your existing call system and with their own wireless pager system, to alert the carers precisely and quickly, reducing risks for patients especially with special conditions like dementia. 

Frequency Precision manufactures and delivers telecare devices and easy to use monitoring equipment like bed and chair sensor mats, call buttons, motion sensors, and pagers with a universally compatible wireless paging system. The devices are useful for both caring for someone at home or in a nursing home and hospital. Besides, the sensor mats are designed to provide comfort to the patients while monitoring and alerting caretakers, in situations of need. 

Features of Airlert technology includes-

  • Less false alarms

  • No loss in comfort

  • No electronics inside the mat

  • Full length and waterproof

  • The mat can be used both on top and under the mattress

  • Virtually indestructible design

Kerri Mcmanus, a regular customer of Frequency Precision says, "After a year of constant use our unit showed a 12% reduction in falls and we won an award for patient safety. Airlert Technology helped us in improving our care quality, reducing the falls by 12% and cutting the false alarms almost half, and helping our patients with dementia to get proper treatment without interfering with their freedom to move.”


The manufacturer company gets star ratings between 4.5 and 5-star earned an “Excellent” title for trustworthiness on Trustpilot with an average of 4.7-star rating. In one of the customers’ words, “At our hospice care, we have been using products from frequency precision for over 5 years. Their service and quality of products have allowed us to greatly reduce the number of inpatient falls and improve patient care and experience .”



About Frequency precision:

Started in a small shed by Doug Dwyer, Frequency Precision has become one of the world’s largest medical telecare device manufacturers. Frequency Precision has been serving its customers from the past 25 years with excellent services and easy-to-use sensor and alert devices. The company delivers mats and sensors designed on air pressure monitoring technology “Airlert”, which reduces the number of falls and false alarms by sending precise alerts based on custom set pressure patterns and maintaining patient’s comfort at the same time. Started in London, the company operates from London and delivers its products worldwide. At present, Frequency Precision delivers its products and services in the UK with more than 50% coverage in the telecare device market.



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