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Marijuana´s recreational and medicinal use

Marijuana´s image has changed a lot over the last years. Someone could go to jail some decades ago because of having a plant at home. However, nowadays its popularity and acceptance is increasing dramatically. California was the first state which legalized medicinal use of cannabis back in 1996, but it became real mainstream when Colorado legalized both recreational and medicinal use.

Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) conducted a seminar at the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival for the marijuana-minded people. Its goal was to share useful information about the plant and its benefits. She was critic about the lack of funding from the government. She believes that this is extremely important in order to provide accurate information for the users.

When talking about the medicinal benefits, cannabis has been proven to be useful to treat many diseases such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, glaucoma and nausea, among many other debilitating illnesses. Perhaps the greatest result can be that marijuana extracts have been useful for children suffering epileptic seizures. The legalization has given abundant relief to those people that don´t have to look for drug dealers in the shadows in order to get their medicine.

After Colorado´s successful legalization, marijuana-related businesses and dispensaries are being launched and thriving. So far, more than thirty states in the United Stated have allowed the medicinal use of cannabis, while ten of them have also legalized recreational usage too.

For long time, cannabis hasn´t been recognized as it should. But things are changing now and because of the scientific research that has shown the advantageous properties of the plant, its legalization has become mainstream. Because of its medicinal importance, cannabis is unquestionably a blessing for humanity. Indeed, medical cannabis is being useful to fight against the country´s opioid epidemic. Because even more states have plans to legalize it, there is surely abundant optimism for the marijuana-minded.

The growing popularity of cannabis consumption among the youth have become a big concern for the government because there is not much trustworthy investigation accessible on the effects of the plant on developing brains. To challenge such insufficiencies in the system, seminars are led to spread consciousness and be able to reach the marijuana-minded people. This way, marijuana consumers get familiar with the possible hazards of the plant so that they can use it in a recreational responsible way. Seminars held exclusively for the debate of cannabis play a main part in speaking and altering popular misunderstandings about the plant.

Currently, various actions and complaints are being done by cannabis activists all over the globe in order to legalize cannabis globally so that everybody can profit from its natural properties. Most people are selecting cannabis rather than age-old intoxicants like alcohol. Cannabis industry is certain to reach unlimited heights in the next few years. Taking the present medical and recreational tendencies into consideration, that day is not distant when the world will completely hold the green revolution.



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