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NEC SV9100 SDT 300 handset phone system

IP (dt700 series) telephone terminal provide seamless customer service and enhanced staff productivity. You can quickly and easily customize these terminals to meet your individual staff needs with our modular series. This is a scalable solution ideal for the needs of a growing business, future-proofing your financial investment. Reliable and adaptable, the UNIVERGE SV9100 is built on cutting-edge technology that supports voice, video, unified communications and collaboration, unified messaging, and mobility out-of-the-box, all the while remaining easy to manage.  We guarantee the highest standard of service to all our customers and have a great regard for their requirements and expectations from us. We provide you an efficient communication and technology system to simplify your day-to-day operations and improve the productivity of your employees. No matter what the scale or kind of your business is, we can provide the most affordable and efficient ICT products and services. Our partnership with leading brands such as Yes Optus, Unify, NEC, Panasonic, Fuji Xerox and OKI enable us to offer you a one-stop solution to all your communication and technology needs. Our team consists of accredited professionals who are continually improving their skills to provide top-quality solutions and services to our customers. As a result, your operating costs reduce and you are able to shift your focus to the core operations that add a real competitive edge to your business. We serve each customer with great value, respect, and compassion that is second to none. Competitive businesses come in all sizes and successful businesses always have one thing in common: great teamwork. In the age of increasingly disparate working locations and job complexity, communications play a crucial part in every organization’s success. The SV9100 is capable of holding multi-party web based video conference without the need for additional hardware. Employees are able to quickly set-up a video conference between two or more people from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser (or mobile device).  We are great listeners and as such we spend significant time on listening to your needs and understanding your future goals. We pay attention to every detail and design a customized package that meets the unique needs of your business. Once your orders are confirmed, our qualified technicians thoroughly follow-up on installation and maintenance. To ensure a smooth transition, we also provide technical knowledge to you and your employees so that the systems are easy to use. Our dedicated customer service team stays in touch with you to answer your queries and offer you the most-up-to-date consultancy on an ongoing basis. We ensure that your business always stays on par with technological innovations.


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