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New working time models and what graduates should look out for

In this article, we want to take a look at the job market and look at the possible working time models that are waiting for graduates in a modern company. Laid-down work, rigid working hours and minute counting are fortunately for the most part now a thing of the past. But which options can be found in the workplace today and how can students prepare and prepare for it?

What graduates should pay attention to

So that graduates in the company rightly, we can give you some tips on the way.
  1. Inform yourself in advance about the company. This can be done, for example, with Xing or Kununu. The probably best source of information are certainly acquaintances in the company, if they exist.
  2. At the job interview, ask for the working time models. Many large companies and increasingly smaller companies are trying to increase their attractiveness through exciting working time models. So, as part of the job interview, also ask about the options for flexible working hours, home office and what else may be in the company.
  3. Once you have arrived at the company, the works council can be an exciting contact point (if available in the company). The works council is not only committed to the rights of workers, but also knows all the policies that have been negotiated between the company and the workforce. This may include special working time models or other things like a sabbatical, etc.
  4. Overall, the works council thus ensures that the labor law is respected. Further information can be found here on this website. New working time models are in fashion. In addition to these tips, we also want to introduce you to a few new working time models that appeal to more and more companies.

More flexibility for all workers

An integral part (especially in large companies) is now a flexible division of working hours. Many companies use flexitime models to help workers. As a result, private appointments are much easier to perceive and work out the lost time. It is clear that strong regulations with prescribed working hours are on the decline because they no longer fit in the present time.

Home office as part of the equation

To make employees more flexible, more and more companies are turning to home-office. Thus, employees can also work one day from home and focus on specific tasks or projects, which is often not so easy in everyday office life. Microsoft has even freed its employees from the obligation to attend and thus leaves a lot of individual freedom in the work organization. In this way, check these guys out and understand that working and private life can be much better combined, which often leads to better work results.

The six-hour day

A very extreme attempt has started many companies in Sweden, which have deliberately set to a six-hour day at full salary. The idea behind it is simple and sees increased productivity and fewer mistakes in the work. With six hours of work one would be more concentrated than eight would have been possible, as far as the consideration. The model has not yet been enforced and the test also showed mixed results. For some companies, the bill went up and it could even be more profit. For other companies, the tests were discontinued due to the additional costs.

Conclusion: Talk to the employer about possible models

If you are looking for a job after graduation and you are also looking for flexible working time models, then talk to your potential employer early on. It may also be useful to gather information before you apply. Anyone who has then joined the company can also talk to the works council about possible options. In the long term, hopefully, we will be able to unify our private lives and our working lives, because ultimately, we do not live to work but want to work to live.


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