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Online Classes & Virtual Learning-A revolution

After the impact of COVID-19 on the whole world, various industries and sectors are affected and so has the education system of the whole world. From online lectures conducted for only a few courses mainly distance learning, this platform is now used by the whole world due to lock-down and safe social distancing regulations formulated by the governments all across the globe. There are many International Schools in Bangalore and various cities in India that have widely started conducting classes on online are some pros and cons to this new system.


Pros of E-Learning :


1. Fast delivery of sessions: As compared to physical methods of classroom teaching e-learnings definitely helps in better and quick delivery of lessons. This clearly indicates as the time required to learn is reduced by closely 30%. It actually saves time as students no longer need to travel to the respective institutions and now they can learn at their own comfort space.


2. Digital Recordkeeping: Through e-learnings students can also avail all the recordings of each and every session for their reference in the future which nowhere possible in the classroom-based training. The video instructions that are provided for audio and video learning can be rewound and watched again and again if you do not understand the topic for the first time.


3. Less impact on the Environment: E-Learning is a highly eco-friendly way of learning. It reduces the usage of paper, which results in less amount of deforestation and also impacts on the consumption of less power usage in institutions.


4. It promotes active learning: Living in the 21st century is actually a must requirement to be tech-savvy. Keeping the same in consideration the e-learning sessions and videos are created in such a way that it helps students to engage with the subject of study and solve the problem through various possible methods.


5. Some of the common benefits: Highly scalable, Highly effective and consistent in all of its forms.


Cons of E- Learnings :


1. The genuineness of a particular student's work is also a problem as online sessions are just about that anyone can do a project rather than the actual student itself.


2. There's also of lack of integrity and discipline. Students lack in their soft skills development through e-learning platforms.


3. At some extent, there's also a problem of various security reasons through e-learning platforms in forms of data mining etc.


Despite these challenges, the E-learning platform will undoubtedly grow and be used more and more by people around the world as a means of education. Also, we will see more tech-savvy students in the near future due to the upcoming better 5G network, which will bring more opportunities.


Children are the future of our world. Therefore, their development can not be overlooked even though there is a situation of pandemic around. And to ensure continuity of learning of students, schools, colleges, and universities are widely adopting online class methods to secure students' careers. There are some of the best International Schools in Bangalore and various other cities that are encouraging students to use online platforms to keep learning as well as do various courses, certifications and work from home internships helping them to enhance and boost their skills and capabilities.


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