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Opportunities For E-Learning App That Will Impact Post Lockdown

Need of elearning apps

Many industries are affected due to this covid-19 lockdown. And also some industries change their work culture. Education industry is one of them. At this unprecedented time e-learning becomes the golden opportunity for learners. The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. The E-learning sector will boom up with the new trends and challenges. The elearning apps provide e-classroom learning for more engaging and fun-filled purposes for students. If you’re still couldn’t believe, here are some stats that remove any doubt in the mind of how big e-learning is:

  • 42% companies use some form of educational technology to train their employees during formal hours, and this number is only going to increase.
  • Companies that use e-learning tools for their training generate 26% more revenue per employee as compared to those who don’t.
  • Nearly 7 million students take at least one online course, and by 2021, approximately half of all college classes are estimated to be e-learning based.

Technological Development Opportunities In E-Learning Sector-


1. Cloud-Based Learning- 

Single time downloads and installation of course material will stop being the norm, and the complete shift to cloud based learning is inevitable. Cloud based learning offers convenient, cost effective and customized content. It also allows collaboration for companies to pool their resources, share learning strategies and grow central knowledge bases. As this already exists now, the greater development in cloud based technologies means it will make seamless and efficient collaboration. Students or employees can access individual/complete e-learning modules that can be purchased and downloaded on demand creating tailor-made solutions for students and businesses.

2. xAPI- 

xAPI means Experience API is one of the hot topics in the e-learning world today. It allows the collection of data about the learning experiences of an individual. xAPI will give us solid quantifiable answers to the same and track progress of each individual. It records each employees’ activity that includes e-learning, m-learning, games, online reading, social media etc. and send this information to record store which can be accessed to generate meaningful data.

3. Social Media For E-Learning- 

Many people including employees are stuck to social media all the time. What could be, if they get learning information from these social media? Is that beneficial? Of course yes. Thus it makes it a best platform to learn. There are some organizations that are already using social media into their training strategy such as using Facebook for building learning communities and using YouTube for training videos.

4. Tutors/Co-Learning- 

Online forums try their best to bridge the gap between student-teacher,  but do not come a long way in compensating for the lack of real life interaction. And here we can expect people in different localities to take up the job of acting as tutor for particular courses. This can get together a group of people taking the same course and this helps to a healthy interaction between learners. There can be a rental lab services for students to reduce the gap between online course and the experience of a college degree

5. M-learning

M-learning means mobile learning. It is an important part of e-learning as most of us are stick to the mobile phones throughout the day. Hence, in this digital era, educational app ideas are the most necessitous things to consider because people need education for their personal growth. From recognizing regular classroom problems to interacting with teachers, learning through tests, and games to doing home tasks online, education apps have changed students’ studying methods. These days, instruction applications are making a huge contrast in the lives of understudies and instructors also. These days, education apps are making a massive difference in the lives of students and teachers similarly. Now several schools, colleges, institutions, and universities are showing enthusiasm for e-learning application development to connect teachers and students in real-time. Beside schools and colleges, various ed-tech startups are also making investments in edu app development. Hence let’s see the e-learning app ideas that can be beneficial post lockdown. You can hire android developers to develop elearning apps at-


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