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Pros/Cons: Kratom Liquid

Kratom products that we see today have not been available like this. These products are made from the leaves of Kratom plants which are found locally in the wild areas of South East Asian and African countries. While it is natively known as ‘Keetum’, scientifically it is recognized as Mitragyna Speciosa. The products have been made recently in the past few decades, but kratom has centuries’ old history. It was then utilized in its natural, i.e., leaf form.

From Leaf to Liquid

Locally, the leaves were convenient for the kratom-lovers but as the manufacturers started to ship it to other parts an issue arose. The leaves rot by the time it reached the destination. Hence, the vendors had to think of a brilliant idea that could not only save them from the loss incurred also grow their trade. Finally, they started to dry them and then ship. That was the first step. Later, for the convenience of the customers, they powdered it. Kratom powder is the first commercial form of kratom products. Also, it is the base material for all the other modern kratom products.

Then, the requirement for more ease was felt. Now the manufacturers weighed it in a specific quantity and encapsulated.

Finally, for some kratom-devotees’ persuasion and some research and development, the most potent form of kratom was invented – kratom liquid. It contains the concentration of all the biochemical compounds present in the leaves. The extraction process differs from one manufacturer to the other. However, the result remains the same – a small bottle of kratom liquid.

Kratom Liquid

Before talking about its good and bad sides, it is essential you understand what kratom liquid is and what it contains. It is kratom only – just in liquid form. Every leaf includes some biochemical properties and the manufacturers extract these compounds (from a large quantity of kratom powder) and capture them in a solution which is comparatively less in volume.

Now, comes the competitive part. We will start with its pros and then the cons:


  • More appropriate and accessible as compared to the other forms.
  • It takes effect almost instantly.
  • As compared to a large bag of powder, it takes up very little space. Thus, it’s easy to store.
  • One can easily take it around.
  • Extremely suitable for long-term kratom enthusiasts.


  • It is highly concentrated so not ideal for those who are new to kratom.

Overall, it is relatively handy for kratom fanatics especially if they are into it for a very long time. Not only, it takes up little space in your cupboard but also works right away. However, it contains distilled kratom essence which is not that suitable for people who recently got acquainted with kratom. If you are looking for a nice, high-quality kratom liquid but got confused with the flooding list of vendors online, then fret no more. Krave Botanicals is here to your rescue. They have got two kratom liquid options for you:

  1. Krave Kratom Shot for only $7.99.
  2. Krave Kratom Tincture Concentrate for $19.99 only.

Moreover, they are also giving free shipping on all their orders. End your search here and order your kratom liquid NOW!


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