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Quick and easy recipes to throw together for last-minute guests



Almost all of us have been there. A friend, your mom, your in-laws or siblings call and say they’d be dropping in to see you because they’re in the area. Or just drop in without calling. And if you don’t really want to kick them out that very minute, but are actually glad to see them, you might want to serve a treat. But your time is really limited. Sounds familiar? There are actually quite a few dishes you can whip out in mere minutes. Here are some recipes that you can cook quick and serve something more sophisticated than sandwiches or yesterday’s cake.


Gyoza soup is a traditional pan-Asian recipe that is quick to cook, nutricious and not your usual choice of a welcome dish. Check it out if your guests are on the picky side, they will most definitely be surprised with your choice, but in a good way. Gyoza soup is delicious, savory and doesn’t pack too many calories.


Hummus is a great option for a quick and healthy snack. You can serve it with breadsticks, crackers, veggie sticks, lavash bread, as a dip or as a standalone dish. Hummus is made of chickpeas which are very nutritious. They are an excellent source of plant protein and fatty acids. If your guests are vegans or vegetarians, serving hummus is a a great option.


If you’re looking into a meat dish, check out pellet grill chicken breast. A great, fast dish, especially if it’s summer outside and you have a pellet grill. It warms up really fast, and offers a great outside activity for you and your guests. The recipe itself is simple, beginner friendly. Serve it with a quick tossed green salad or green veggies and you actually have a complete meal to offer to your guests.


If what you want to serve is a quick dessert, you may want to try no-bake chocolate almond bites. A decadent combo of rich chocolate and almonds, made in shape of a lovely finger food will leave no one unaffected. A great and quick to make dessert to serve with coffee or tea. Also, if your guests do not want to overdo it with desserts and don’t want to upset the host by rejecting a whole slice of cake, they can only take one or two of the bites.


In this beef noodle soup calories are on the low side, nutritious goodness is on the high side. A great recipe to choose if you’re expecting a little hungry crowd. It is quick, it is filling, it is simple and it is simply delicious. You can also adjust the quantity of hot seasoning you use in this Taiwanese recipe to create less hot and more hot variants. Sounds like a great warming recipe for a cold day.


What are your favorite quick and simple recipes to cook for an unexpected crowd of friends? Lets us know in the comments.


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