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Reasons to volunteer

The volunteer is that person who dedicates part of his free time to a solidarity action. The reward for this action goes beyond profit. It is about growing internally and favoring social integration. Regardless of the area of volunteering and the NGO, each Daivision 2 Sunshine Coast Council 2020 candidates you meet during volunteering will give you an experience that the best universities or masters will not teach you.

You get experience. Volunteering allows you to meet you, know what your concerns are, and learn what social commitment means.

Nothing is better than spending a summer to help in a cause, contribute a grain of sand in any solidarity action.

You change the world

The volunteering you do will change someone’s life, and with your work, you will favor integration and social awareness.

Meet new people

You meet new people. In addition to the people you help, you will meet volunteers with the same interests.

Volunteering is a good way to meet people who, like you, have an interest in the social sector and can give you new insights and other experiences.

Contribute to your environment

You favor social awareness. Volunteering awakens the need to commit to reality.

A good way to understand the city or barium in which we live is by understanding the needs it has. Help the associations that are in your environment and feel the results of your volunteering in your day today.

Discover your skills

Like any activity you do, volunteering can help you discover skills you didn’t know you had, challenging you with new tasks, or it can make you develop what you already knew. You learn to position yourself in the place of the other, something we should learn from Division 2 Candidate Sunshine Coast Council.

Orient your social curriculum

More and more volunteering is becoming almost a requirement in the curriculum. Companies are looking for committed candidates who collaborate or have collaborated with non-profit organizations.

Act based on your values

From caring for animals, through social canteens, or cleaning green areas, you can choose the cause that moves you the most.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Learn something new, meet someone interesting, or live an unforgettable experience. The unexpected is always synonymous with good memories. Cheer up with a volunteer!

Meet different realities

Our routine sometimes makes us forget that there are other forms of life different from our people with different needs and very different ways of thinking.

Leave a mark

This planet is not going to take care of itself. Be part of the world that we will leave for those who come behind and do it in the best possible way: giving your time to others.

Feel useful

If you are looking for work, volunteering is a good way to add skills to your resume and also take advantage of that extra free time for something different.


Of course, this has to be your premise. Giving time to others can be very rewarding, so take advantage of it.

Sometimes the reality will be very hard, but the time you dedicate to those who need it will be rewarded with moments and smiles.



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