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Refresh Black Clothes: How To Refresh And Refresh Washed T-shirts:

When the little black becomes a little greyish or a little washed out, it has lost its magic. Fortunately, there are a few washing methods offered by laundry pickup and delivery that counteract fading and refreshing black clothes.

With every wash, black clothes lose their color brilliance bit by bit.

Black clothes fade slightly more with each wash:

As a general rule, every wash will wick paint out of the clothes, causing fading and fading of colored clothing. But there are ways to slow down this process:

Only wash your clothes when it is really necessary. Often it helps to hang things for airing on the balcony.

Turn your clothes to the left when washing, the outer surface is always worn the most. The black color becomes less when the clothes rub against each other. The friction breaks the fibers so that their ends are exposed and it looks like the paint is going to be lost. Therefore, it may help to close the zippers and buttons before washing and not stuff the drum too much.

Also, low temperatures protect the black laundry. As with heavy friction, warm water breaks the fibers, causing the colors to weaken faster. Warm water also dissolves the color faster from the fibers, making black clothing bleach faster in high temperatures.

But not only during the washing process you can prevent, but also when drying. For black clothes: avoid the tumble dryer if possible. When the laundry is dried on the clothesline, it should not dry in direct sunlight.

Thus, some precautionary measures already help prevent black T-shirts, shirts or tops from fading too quickly. These simple rules slow down the process and make colorful clothes wash out many washes later. But if your favorite piece has already lost its brilliance, only certain remedies help to refresh the black color.

Household and colorants for refreshing the color:

In addition to the preventive washing methods, there are of course all sorts of home remedies for preserving or refreshing the black and washed-out color. If you do not trust Grandma's home remedy, you'll find it in the drugstore on the textile dyes.

Laundry pickup and delivery say textile dyes are available in the drugstore for almost any desired color. A rich black is herewith guaranteed. But even when dyeing you have to follow some rules. Only natural fibers or blended fabrics are suitable for re-dyeing.

Polyester, polyacrylic, and polyamide belong to the non-dyeable fibers and therefore do not absorb the color. Also, a perfect dyeing result is not guaranteed in very severely worn clothing. A detailed description can be found on each Dye Pack.


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