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Smart Cuts Video & Animation launches specialized medical video production unit

Medical video is a unique type of video production that takes a special set of skills and experience, and demand for it is growing quickly. To meet this need on the market, Smart Cuts Video & Animation has set up a medical video team that deals exclusively with audiovisual production in the medical field.
“We realized there was a real need for specialized services in the medical sector,” says Lucas Chambers, Director of Smart Cuts V&A. “Shooting open-heart surgery with a camera suspended above the patients bare, beating heart is not something you can just improvise. It takes special equipment and special know-how.”
Chambers cites such amusing mishaps as touching the surgeons in sterilized robes to put a lavalier mic on him before an operation. “It’s these sorts of mistakes when we got going that taught us what to do and what not to do in the operating room. That’s why we decided it was time to set up a team that knew what it was doing and could make sure the surgeons and medical staff have nothing to worry about when they roll in with the cameras.”
The equipment needs to be light and as sleek as possible to avoid taking up precious space in the operating room. It also needs to be exceptionally clean. “Part of the new units routine will be to clean the equipment and store it where it will not gather any possible contaminants,” explains Chambers.
Beyond the OR, Smart Cuts’ Agence créative à Genève new unit will also cater to private clinics and hospitals looking to showcase their facilities and services as a whole. “We want our medical customers to feel right away the difference working with our specialized team. Their knowledge and experience of the field will make for a seamless experience and better end result,” says Chambers.
Smart Cuts Video & Animation or Communication agency in Geneva currently does a lot of video production for the multinational medical company Medtronic and for the University Hospital CHUV in Lausanne, Switzerland. “Switzerland has lots of medical facilities and biotech companies that will appreciate having seasoned pros looking after their videos,” says Chambers.
Smart Cuts Video & Animation is a Creative agency in Lausanne. It specializes in video Production de vidéo à Genève, providing the full range of audiovisual services. If you wish more information on this particular topic, please contact Lucas Chambers, Director of Smart Cuts Video & Animation at

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