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Spanish guitar for childrens

When we want a child to start learning the six string world, there are two questions that usually raise. One thing is if choosing a Spanish guitar for children is the best option, and second what will be the most appropriate age to start.

Well, we will try to answer those questions and some others. We will see what is the best age for a child to begin to have contact with an instrument and in what way. And also, we will tell you about the benefits and advantages that music brings in the development of children.

What is the ideal guitar for a child?

As we already know, there are four options among which we can choose. On one hand, the Spanish guitar for children is usually the first option that occurs to us. Secondly, the image of that little boy or small child holding an electric guitar usually makes us think about that option pleasantly. The third possibility is that of an acoustic guitar for children, although this option usually comes more because of our personal inclination towards that type of guitar. And finally, the other alternative that we should not rule out is to start with a ukulele, since its reduced dimensions are an added advantage for the early ages.


A soprano ukulele (the smallest ukulele model) is an option to consider especially if the child has not had any contact with string instruments. Due to their small size they are very affordable instruments, so we will not have to make a large outlay to see their first reactions and interactions with them.

The other advantage is that because it only has four strings it makes it easier to learn at first. However, this advantage has the disadvantage that if the child enjoys and wants to continue learning, we must replace it with a guitar as soon as possible. The difference in size and having fewer strings than a guitar involves a different learning technique, so we must change to a guitar as soon as possible to develop a correct technique.

In conclusion, the ukulele can be a good option but being clear that it is not a guitar and that we must replace as soon as possible by a child guitar of the right size.

Acoustic guitar

We can also find some acoustic guitar model for children in the market (loogguitars), but it is not the most usual. This type of guitars has as a disadvantage for children that are designed to be played with metal strings. The strings of this type have a greater tension and are much more painful to play than nylon strings. That pain and almost cutting sensation that the metallic strings transmit at the beginning could cause the child to stop playing because of the pain sensation.

You can always choose the option of mounting nylon strings on the acoustic guitar, even if it is not for what they are designed or created.

Electric guitar

Another option is an electric guitar. As in the case of acoustics, we find a metal string instrument that can dissuade the child from playing it due to pain in the fingers. However, the electric ones due to their sound and appearance tend to attract more children. Although we must not forget that to make them sound properly they need the same type of learning as any other guitar model.

Spanish guitar for children

If there is an ideal model for children to start, it may be the Spanish guitar. The features in its design with a wider and comfortable mast to start learning and the nylon strings, make it ideal as a first option. Nylon strings are much softer than metal strings and offer less tension on the fingers.

Deciding on a Spanish guitar for children also has the added advantage that we can easily choose the most appropriate size for their age and height.

However, we should never overlook the child's preferences. Therefore, if you already have enough age and also a clear preference for a specific type of guitar, it is best to satisfy that desire. A child of 6 is not the same years than one of 10. The greater the age, the greater the power of decision and the desire to choose. While at an early age it is easy for them not to know what they want, as we grow we all want to make our own decisions.

In conclusion, the opinion and wishes of the child at the time of the election will be as important or more important than ours. Do not forget that after all he or she is the instrument and he or she is the one who will play and enjoy it.

Another of the details that we must keep in mind, are the benefits that music brings in the development of children. There are many studies that have been made in recent years and if there is a conclusion, it clearly helps in the development of all its capabilities.



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