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The Benefits of Using Linen Service over Maintaining In-House Linens

Every hospital administrator would love to save money whenever they can. This is because it is quite expensive to run a medical facility. One of the places where several administrators think they can save some funds is the supply of their linen. This would require them to choose linen laundry service in New York. In house supplies of linen as well as cleaning may seem to be a single time expense when comparing to hiring a linen service; however, there are hidden costs to maintaining your own linen supply which you may not consider. Below are some of the benefits of linen rental service in Long Island, NY over maintaining in-house linens.

Initial Cost

The initial investment which is necessary for having your own in-house laundry services is staggering. You will have to purchase the entire linen you need and you will likewise have to get appropriate equipment as well as chemicals which will be used for sterilizing them. The transportation as well as storage vehicles would also be needed to keep and also distribute clean items to each room and you will need to hire an appropriate staff to sterilize and also distribute the bedding and other items. When using Long Island hotel bed linen, you do not need this initial cost because all these would be gotten from the Long Island hotel laundry. Additionally, you won’t spend a fraction of these initial costs when using linen laundry service in New York. They already have the processing facilities, the staff as well as the inventory; you will only have to pay for the service itself instead of front a huge initial cost.

The Space

Immediately you have found the necessary funds to create your initial inventory, you will need to figure out the appropriate place where everything will be placed. You will have to ensure you are finding a place to store things, sanitizing and washing equipment properly. This may likewise require a little space as well as some construction, plumbing, wiring, or ventilation installation which may require you to create the proper facilities. This will also add to the cost which one need to face, but this is not so in the case of Long Island hotel bed linen.

Whenever the Long Island hotel linen service is used, you won’t have to create your personal processing facility, which can save you a lot of time and hassle, as well as construction and adaptation costs.


Once you have fronted the initial setup and supply costs, you can then consider the cost of maintaining your linen inventory. With the heavy use as well as abuse that hospital linens undergo, it can be difficult to maintain a solid inventory. Things can become worn quickly, get ripped or torn easily, mysteriously gain holes or go missing suddenly. Whenever these things occur with your inventory, it is a must for you to replace it. The constant inspection is also necessary so as to ensure the inventories are in good conditions because such may force you to hire additional laundry staff.

The points discussed above shows that linen service is better than maintaining in house linens and would ensure you have the best service whenever you desire.


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