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The easy way to learn French fast

The ways to improve your French on a daily basis are numerous. If you think about it, you will find a large number yourself. But not all of them are equally effective. Learning French quickly when it is not your mother tongue is never easy. That requires certain language skills. For example, you have to know the French alphabet, grammar and have gone to some French language classes.

Start easily with French by following our step by step guide. Do not start with intensive French learning from the very first day. Throughout the weeks, you will feel more comfortable with the French language.

1. Read French newspapers

Your battle plan begins by reading the French newspapers. It is not easy, some will say. And they will also be right. But who has said that learning French is easy?

For athletes, why not start with sports reading? If it tempts you, you can read the best known: L’Équipe and France Football. Two magazines that are also authentic European references regarding football news. For those who want to try other readings, more oriented to French, international, politics, economics ... you can read: Le Monde, Libération and Le Figaro.

If you look at these newspapers regularly, you will quickly be confronted with a rather cultured French, a journalistic writing in line with your desire to progress in French towards an excellent level.

If at first it seems hard to you, progress in written comprehension occurs quite quickly. Especially if you work oral comprehension in parallel watching videos in French on YouTube.

Finally, the advantage of reading press in a foreign language is that you are able to have different sources of information with different editorial lines. You will be able to access different points of view of the same reality.

2. Read in French on the web

Not everyone can read French newspapers every day. For that you have to be able to go to the kiosk to buy the newspaper every day. In addition, that means a daily expense. So, to reduce your expenses, but continue to improve your French quickly, opt for websites to learn French for free. You will find the same articles, as well as others more oriented to a web writing. We refer to the shortest and visual articles: photo and video reports.

Your reading will therefore be more fluid and your linear progress. In our opinion, the best way to read articles in French every day on the Internet is to subscribe to the media on Facebook. Thus, your news will appear several times a day on your wall.

And why not read the news from Google Actualités? In this service available in French, Google offers the possibility of reading the digital press with a 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

3. Reread your favorite novels in French

If you feel ready to read a new novel in French, go for it. However, as it is literary writing and you are a beginner, you may not understand much and give up quickly.

What you can do is to go back into your classics and read the French version of your old time favorites. The trick is to search and find your favorite books in French version. You know them by heart. You will not have problems with the dialogues.

By knowing the memory plot, you will save yourself the frustration of not understanding much of the story. You can thus concentrate in syntax and French vocabulary.

4. Practice writing for yourself

In parallel to readings newspapers, web pages and novels, it would be interesting to also write. Writing will allow you to accumulate a maximum of vocabulary and new syntactic formulas.

The next stage is therefore to activate all that knowledge and put it on a blank page. Writing will force you to think completely in French. Forget the English grammar and immerse yourself 100% in French.

Why not start writing a diary? You can tell everything you've done during the day, your dreams, imagine stories, etc. And all in French! On the one hand, linguistic gymnastics will help you think in French more easily. On the other hand, you can express yourself freely and even awaken your instincts as a writer or novelist ... Who knows!

5. Chat in French

Before, when we went to primary school, our teachers found us contacts to write letters to them. However, things have changed because of the Internet and nowadays it is easy to find French speakers on the web. By doing so and speaking regularly by Skype, you will make great progress. Especially in a French that we will describe as "everyday" or colloquial. A French closer to the reality of the street on a daily basis. With all the expressions and vocabulary that entails. A solution therefore very practical.

But how to contact someone? Well, looking for a linguistic tandem in forums or on websites specialized in cultural and linguistic exchanges. For example, in you can find people interested in language exchanges.


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