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The Europa League Cup Predictions For The Year 2019/20

The Europa league, organised by UEFA, is one of the most prestigious tournaments to take place in European soccer. Top soccer clubs from across Europe get a chance to play in the group matches. The selection for the teams is done on the basis of their performance in their respective national leagues and cup competitions. This is a second-tier competition which is ranked only below the UEFA Champion’s League. The winners of the Europa league become directly eligible to play in the group matches of the Champions League. This year Chelsea, which won the Europa League of 2018/19 by defeating Arsenal, will be playing in the Champions League.

Thus europa league predictions are in great demand across the world for people indulging in soccer betting. There are a number of tipster websites who offer the same either for free or for a fee which they charge either of a monthly or annual basis. Some of the common tipster websites specialising in the same are:

  • etc.

With the kind of viewership the Europa league enjoys across the world and the attendance each of its matches attract, this league is an event which is anticipated as much as the Champion’s league. Thus there is a spurt of growth in today’s soccer prediction sites with tipsters indulging in expert analysis and statistical review for making predictions for group stage matches, knock-out matches, qualifiers, semi-final and the final matches.

Some important facts on which the predictions for the same are based are:

  • Chelsea will no longer be a part of the competition but focus for the punters willing to bet on the matches of this league will be on the 10 teams which got relegated to the Europa League from the last Champions League played. Even though there have only been 4 such instances wherein one of those teams have won the Europa League in the past, the level of interest that they create is quite high especially in soccer betting.
  • Most Europa league predictions point to Manchester United and thus they command the highest odds in soccer betting.
  • Arsenal, by virtue of its rise to the finals of the Europa League last season, is also commanding its share of punters and bookies.
  • Wolves or the Wolverhampton Wanderers had attained an impressive finish in the Premier League last season. Thus they too have made a come-back in the Europa league 2019/20 and are commanding the odds of 25/1 which is tempting and alluring.
  • Spanish clubs, which have a history of winning the Europa league for the maximum number of times since its inception, also have their own takers in soccer betting and thereby command good odds.

Thus upcoming scheduled matches of the Europa league is a betting haven for punters and bookies and today’s soccer prediction sites are immersed into providing accurate and authentic tips for the same. The focus of the predictions is not only on the popular markets but on a range of markets so that punters are able to benefit for all the wagers that they are likely to place.




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