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The keys to wash and dry the towels in the best way:

Who doesn't like the feeling of drying his face with a soft towel? It is a gesture that relaxes us and even takes away our stress, but that can be unpleasant if the tissue is rough. Hence we must take care of our towels so that they are the same as the first day.

Here towels cleaning experts give you the keys to wash and dry the towels in the best way, so as not to lose that characteristic softness.

We take 100% cotton terry towels as reference. This is a natural fabric that is not mixed with other fibers. This also causes fewer allergies. In addition to all this, cotton towels are the softest.

Wash the towels once a week:

It will depend on the number of people living in a home. If you live alone or with your partner, you will not have to change it as often as in a house with young children. These tend to get dirtier from the bill and wash their hands little by little. Therefore, it is best to replace them every week, as well as the sheets. Keep in mind that towels cleaning should be very clean because they come in contact with sensitive areas.

Choose an average temperature:

As towels can accumulate bacteria, we tend to think that it is better to wash them with a high temperature. So we will remove all dirt. However, we must not go over, because, although they are towels, we must not forget that they are 100% cotton and that we risk shrinking. Therefore, it is best to wash them with warm water between 30 degrees and 40 degrees.

Do not overdo the detergent or use fabric softener:

We usually use more detergent than we should and that ends up deteriorating the clothes, in addition to polluting the environment. Therefore, use a neutral detergent or less quantity than the manufacturer indicates. Although we want our towels to be very soft, it is advised not to use detergent so that there are no stains or remains on the towel.

The towels immediately catch the musty smell, hence it is essential to empty the laundry just after the washing machine is finished. That is, do not leave the towels in the drum for a long time. To dry them, spread them on the shelf and let them dry with natural air. If they are of striking color, do not expose them to the sun, to prevent them from losing the shade.


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