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The Parents Role for Children in Islam

Allah SWT created beautiful relationships to bind together humanity. Among these relationships is the parent-children bond. Children bring happiness and joy to parents. They are a great gift from Allah SWT. The status of mother and father is very exalted in Islam. Allah Almighty and Holy Prophets exhorted their respective nation in this regard. Our holy book Quran contains lots of verses that emphasize the significance of this subject. One of the best invocations is the most excellent behavior of kids towards their mother and father.


Parents Duties towards Children

One of the many blessings on earth, children, is one such trust that Allah SWT has bestowed to parents so that they train them nicely and well versed in matters related to Islam. Mother and father both are given the obligation of instructing their kids on the right path. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad said:

“Honor your children and nourish them with good manners and desirable virtues.”

Training in the right direction is the main factor in making youth intelligent and wholesome. The children who have nourished correctly rights in their childhood are the ones who know the art of leading an Islamic life. They derive fruitful benefits in their middle and old age due to Islamic training in childhood. They lead a happy and comfortable life and know how to present in a deserving way.


Role of Mother

Mother has the steering wheel towards the upbringing of her children. She is the first relative that child feels most of the time around after his birth. She has to perform some important functions for the right progeny. Even before childbirth mother’s habits and behavior affect her child in the womb. She is a big factor that can make her child virtuous or otherwise during child development. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“Lucky is the one whose foundation of virtue had been made in the womb of the mother and unfortunate are the ones whose wickedness had its rudiments in the mother’s womb as well.”


Effect on Society

If the children remain neglected and untrained bad, then it not only affects their close relatives but also on the whole of society. The children of today are citizens of tomorrow. This is the very fabric of society which is woven by these small individuals. Whatever lessons the parents will teach their kids today, the kids will practice them tomorrow. It is, therefore, crucial to making upbringing of children perfect for a flawless tomorrow.

The utmost duty of a parent is to mold their child in a way that he is successful in this world and also in the hereafter. Only then the mission of parent's is fulfilled and their status we exalted. 


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