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The Role of Online Transcription Services

Online transcription service business is where the writers (professionals) are paid to convert audio or written content into an original piece of work that may be used for business, promotional, educational, legal or medical purposes the writers (transcribers) are provided with audio speeches or textual information (video visuals) that is to be converted into a computer file, suitable for printing purposes.

History of transcription services:

Transcription has been an ancient way to preserve different types of pieces of information. Scribes from old times that almost date back to 3400 BCE have been discovered. It is clear that people from even ancient times had to write down the important information in any means available to them. With the ever-flourishing technology, the system of transcribing has become more efficient and reliable nowadays. The companies can use different tools to provide their clients with accurate information through transcription.

The digital note-taking process is very efficient at the transcription US. The shorthand method is where the trained and experienced writers take notes by writing at a rapid speed. While only noting down the abbreviations and symbols instead of full words. This method helps in quick and efficient note-taking so that most time can be saved. The digital note-taking process is where the experts take down notes on their computers so that the notes can be edited and updated for later use as well as be printed out for hardcopy purposes.

Online Transcription Services:

Online Transcription Services  stands for converting audio files of any format into a readable text file. Corporate companies and small business owners use this transcription to promote their ideas through audio and textual materials. Also, many organizations like to add textual information for the people who are hearing impaired. Online transcription services provided at Transcription US have been patronized by many a client, because of its accuracy and punctuality. The company hires transcribers who are native, experienced and well acquainted in their domain.

Transcription US offers a variety of transcription services for its clients from all industries. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, the Transcription US is the best place for you. The services offered at transcription US are audio transcription, media transcription, video transcription, corporate transcription, business transcription, church transcription, sermon transcription, academic transcription, interview transcription, student transcription, and even medical transcription. Not only does Transcription US offer professional and precise transcription services at very reasonable and affordable rates but also gives a money-back guarantee.

Media transcription:

Media transcription services are offered to media agencies who are involved in film production, entertainment documentary production, TV shows, radio reality shows etc. Media transcription requires specialized team who are trained in specific industry.

Media transcription services save a lot of time and money for the cast and management of the concerned team. Transcription US provides media transcriptions prepared by experts who are qualified in the field of industry to give you customized transcriptions as per your requirements. Media transcriptions provided at the transcription US are 98% accurate and precise.

The script transcription services provided by transcription US are the best transcription services as the transcribers are qualified in the field of the film industry. Transcription US also provides media transcription with a time code of 30 seconds, or at the start of every conversation or as per your request. The time code media transcriptions are very vital for interviews, television shows, movies and documentaries, the transcription US will provide you with a 100% accurate and precise results. The transcription US is committed to providing you with the best results with low and cheap prices when it comes to media transcriptions.

The transcription US also specializes in: video transcription services, talk shows transcription services, television shows transcription services, smartphones transcription services, radio transcription services, podcast transcription services, mp3 to text transcription services, entertainment transcription services, documentary transcription services and more. We offer many foreign language transcriptions for our clients including German media transcription, Arabic media transcription, French media transcription, Italian media transcription, Spanish media transcription, Cantonese media transcription, Mandarin media transcription, Portuguese media transcription, Russian media transcription, Tagalong media transcription and many more.


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