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The safety of air filters are not tested for harmful chemicals

The atmosphere filters in our offices and homes are produced with no consideration or regulation to off-gassing or customer security aside from its flammability.  Flammability tests are significant.  They allow us to understand an item won't contribute to a flame. Anything with no compound like gas will pass this test. 


What I'm concerned about is what else.  Through time I have worked for a number of the most significant filter factories on earth.  In no instance did I see any thought to the parts of the filter, or their substance properties and the security to the building's occupants.


Why are filters therefore significant in comparison to other ordinary products?  I think it right up there with all the container to the water that you drink.  Each the air your breathe is pushed through the filter.  Whether there are any dangerous compounds in the screen, and they're off-gassing, I can only presume you're being exposed in a higher speed than stating a toy at the corner which has the very same substances.


Below are a few areas of concern that I have seen through time.  I state interest because I haven't done any scientific research to assess the effects of the products, but their conversation hopefully will result in some studies.




All media are created from some artificial fiber, and many use a resin or glue to hold the threads together.  Some media whom I favor using a reduced melt procedure for those fibers to eliminate the demand for adhesives, but nearly all have PVOH.  Newer pleated filters which don't have metal on the rear of the media for service should use massive sums of resin to generate the media inflexibly.  As soon as I made some media for paint spray booths previously, we assessed those resins due to their melting properties.  There are just two substances I found from the resins.   I can not state if those additives are bad or good for the body.  However, I understand they are not"friendly" substances, and with all the heating and cooling on your air system, they need to be evaluated for security before going to market.




Various glues and adhesives are all selected without a thought to their chemical makeup.  I can assure you that in case you request your filter provider what's inside their adhesive, they'll say won't know besides it is sticky.   There are numerous kinds of adhesives.  Some are epoxy resins. Others are hot melt adhesives, and a few usage cold types of glue with atmosphere dry and therefore are vinyl based.  Hot melt glues are favorite and are in virtually every dwelling ac filter on the market now.


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