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The Significance of Truck Accident Lawyers in Massachusetts

Motor vehicle accidents involving a truck can sometimes be more serious than other motor vehicle accidents, since they can cause severe injury or even death for both the truck driver and the others involved in the accident.  In addition, the passengers in either vehicle could also incur major injuries due to the accident.  Trucks are the most convenient and economical means of transporting goods across the country as compared to other modes of transportation since they can reach multiple destinations which are not often accessible by rail or air.   

Despite being the preferred system for transporting goods, it shares the road with the public and often represents great risk to them. Every year, there are many fatalities due to truck accidents. Driving large trucks requires much more expertise and training than driving an automobile since these trucks are sometimes 20 times heavier and much larger than an average car.

Due to the enormous weight, these trucks require a greater breaking distance for stopping at a specific destination and need to accelerate slowly as compared to other motor vehicles. In addition, due to the longer length and enormous weight it becomes very difficult for the truck driver to avoid an obstacle quickly.

A large truck needs more than 30 feet of radius distance than an average car to turn in a complete circle. Fatal truck accidents often happen when another vehicle tries to pass a truck that is attempting to turn since this usually constitutes a blind spot for the truck driver. 

The reports regarding these truck accidents from the American Trucking Association showed that the automobile drivers were at fault for more than 80 percent of the road accidents between trucks and cars. On the other hand, the reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that more than 44 to 55 percent of fatal truck accidents occur due to the truck drivers fault.

In such a case, the injured party or their family can file a claim against the opposite party who was primarily responsible for the accident and if necessary, take the matter to court. The essential role of   Massachusetts truck accident injury lawyers thus comes into play.

The attorney will assist in obtaining a positive outcome for the injured party by determining who is responsible for the accident and to successfully obtain financial compensation for medical expenses and lost wages from the opposite party.   

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